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Chicago Illegal Immigrants Guilty of ‘Robbery for Hire’ Plot

In Chicago, illegal immigrants are taking advantage of a loophole, faking being victims of serious crimes to avoid deportation.

Let’s take a moment to acknowledge the latest innovation in crime out of the Windy City: “fake robbery for hire.” You heard that right. In a bizarre twist of criminal ingenuity, hundreds of illegal immigrants in Chicago have been caught in a sting operation, paying to be pretend-robbed in order to secure preferential immigration status and dodge deportation. If the audacity of this scheme doesn’t make you blink, perhaps the brazenness of it all will.

Chicago, with its storied history of corruption, has now birthed a scheme so ludicrous it would be comedic if it weren’t so indicative of broader, systemic failures. Federal prosecutors recently charged five individuals involved in a racket that staged armed robberies for the purpose of helping the supposed victims apply for U.S. immigration visas—specifically, those reserved for victims of serious crimes.

This city’s creativity in wrongdoing is truly something to behold. During one of these staged robberies, a liquor store clerk, meant to be an unwitting witness in this charade, was accidentally shot. That’s right, in their zeal to fabricate a crime scene, they turned their staged crime into a real one. This fiasco occurred amidst a backdrop of numerous “customers” participating in staged crimes across various businesses in Chicago, all orchestrated to craft the perfect narrative of victimhood for immigration benefits.

Chicago Is in Need of Real Leadership

You can’t make this stuff up. Chicago’s underbelly has outdone itself by merging two of the city’s most pressing crises: rampant gun violence and the strain of illegal immigration. Here we have illegal immigrants and local criminals collaborating with an efficiency that would make any mob boss green with envy. It’s a twisted kind of synergy, where the desperation of one group aligns perfectly with the malevolence of another, to undermine law and order on multiple fronts.

What’s truly tragic here is the cost to the community—not just in dollars but in trust, safety, and the integrity of our immigration system. While the architects of this scheme may believe they’ve found a clever loophole, the reality is that they’ve further eroded the already tenuous relationship between the citizens and the law. As we look at this fiasco, it’s clear that while Chicago may lead in criminal creativity, it’s an arms race where no one wins—especially not the law-abiding citizen. And as we shake our heads at this latest scandal, one has to wonder: when will enough be enough? When will the leaders step up to reclaim the city from the clutches of those who view it as their personal stage for anarchy? Chicago deserves better, and so does every American city grappling with similar issues.

Robert Chernin

Robert Chernin

Robert B. Chernin has brought his years of political consulting and commentary back to radio. As a longtime entrepreneur, business leader, fundraiser and political confidant, Robert has a unique perspective with insights not heard anyway else. Robert has consulted on federal and statewide campaigns at the gubernatorial, congressional, senatorial, and presidential level. He served in leadership roles in the presidential campaigns of President George W. Bush as well as McCain for President. He led Florida’s Victory 2004’s national Jewish outreach operations as Executive Director. In addition, he served on the President’s Committee of the Republican Jewish Coalition. Robert co-founded and served as president of the Electoral Science Institute, a non-profit organization that utilizes behavioral science to increase voter participation and awareness. Robert can be heard on multiple radio stations and viewed on the “Of the People” podcast where you get your podcasts.