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White House Admits Truth About Biden’s Neurological Dr. Visits

After denying that any such visit occurred, the White House is admitting Biden did see a Parkinson's specialist - eight times.

In a stunning revelation, the Biden administration was forced to admit that President Joe Biden consulted with Dr. Kevin Cannard, a specialist in Parkinson’s disease, on January 17. This disclosure came only after Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre mistakenly misled the public earlier in the day, vehemently denying any such meeting during her daily press briefing.

This embarrassing correction arrives on the heels of Jean-Pierre chastising a journalist for daring to question the transparency of Biden’s health updates, especially following his deeply troubling performance during the June 27 debate—a performance so dismal it sparked a cacophony of Democratic voices urging Biden to reconsider his candidacy.

But here’s where the administration’s narrative begins to crumble under the weight of its own contradictions. Despite initially denying any medical evaluations post-debate, where Biden seemed more lost than ever, it turns out he was indeed examined, though the administration claims it was merely a check-up on a mild cold. A mild cold? This, from the same man whose cognitive slips and verbal fumbles have become fodder for national concern?

Dr. Cannard, whose specialty in neurological disorders cannot be overlooked, visited the White House eight times over several months. Each visit was shrouded in mystery, explained away as routine checks or consultations for military personnel, yet they were conducted in the intimate confines of the residence clinic, not the more impersonal medical facilities of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building.

The Administration’s Credibility Is Dwindling as Fast as the President’s Poll Numbers

The White House’s attempt to pass off these consultations as benign routine exams belies the serious nature of Cannard’s specialty and the potential implications it holds for Biden‘s fitness to serve. The official report from Biden’s physical might deny any signs of serious neurological disorders, but the constant backtracking and secretive meetings paint a starkly different picture.

It is now abundantly clear why the Democrats are suddenly floating the idea of Biden stepping down. With Jean-Pierre at the helm of the communication strategy, the administration’s credibility is dwindling as fast as the president’s poll numbers. Each misstep and misstatement from the White House press room only fuels more speculation and concern among Americans about the true state of Biden’s health and his capability to lead.

As the truth dribbles out, piecemeal and reluctant, one can’t help but wonder: What are they still hiding? The mishandling of information is not just a public relations issue—it’s a glaring national security risk, leaving Americans questioning not just the competence but the integrity of those at the highest levels of power. As the saga unfolds, one thing becomes painfully clear: this administration’s commitment to transparency is as shaky as their handling of the truth.

Robert Chernin

Robert Chernin

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