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While Hundreds of Catholic Churches Are Attacked, Biden Does Nothing

The attacks on Catholic churches in the US demand urgent attention and action.

Recently, we’ve witnessed a disturbing and alarming trend of attacks on Catholic churches across the United States. These acts of violence and vandalism, fueled by a toxic combination of political animosity and spiritual disdain, have taken place with unprecedented frequency. Since the leak of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision in May 2022, these attacks have become shockingly regular, marking a dark and distressing chapter in our nation’s history.

To put this in context, the recent incident in East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, where two twelve-year-olds set a Bible on fire on the church altar, was the 200th such act targeting Catholic churches. Such actions used to be regarded as local crimes stemming from juvenile delinquency. However, the sheer volume of these attacks suggests a deeper, more sinister pattern at work.

Pro-abortion groups like Jane’s Revenge and Ruth Sent Us have openly called for retaliation against the Catholic Church since the Dobbs decision was made public. In the wake of this call, Catholic churches became the targets of mobs of pro-abortion rioters, desecration of statues and holy objects, pro-abortion and satanic graffiti, and arson attacks causing extensive damage. These acts of aggression have continued unabated for nearly a year and a half.

It’s worth noting that these attacks are not just random acts of vandalism. Many of them have clear political motives, such as threats spray-painted on a Michigan church prior to a vote on abortion legalization. Others show a disturbing spiritual element, including the theft of consecrated hosts, sacred objects in Catholicism. Some attackers exhibit signs of drug use or mental illness, but the overall pattern of politically- and spiritually-motivated hostility against Catholic churches is undeniable.

Local police departments have been making efforts to address these crimes, but they face limitations, and we’ve only seen arrests in about 25% of the cases. The issue lies in the nationwide scale of these attacks, and local authorities often lack the necessary resources to effectively combat this surge in violence.

The federal government, under the Biden administration, has failed to respond adequately to this crisis. While an act of vandalism against a mosque earlier this year garnered swift condemnation from the White House, attacks on Catholic churches have been met with silence. The federal government has yet to allocate resources or initiate federal prosecutions to combat this disturbing trend.

These attacks could be prosecuted under the FACE Act, which provides penalties for those who damage or obstruct places of worship. However, enforcement of this act has been disproportionately focused on peaceful pro-life activists rather than domestic terrorists attacking churches.

It’s not unreasonable to assume that if these acts were perpetrated against places of worship of another religion or by right-wing extremists, there would be a swift and vigorous response from the government. However, when left-wing extremists target Catholics, there seems to be a double standard, with little attention or action.

In conclusion, the ongoing and escalating attacks on Catholic churches in the United States are deeply troubling. They reveal a concerning trend of political and spiritual animosity, and the failure of the federal government to address these crimes sends a disturbing message. Places of worship deserve protection, and it’s high time for a more robust response to these attacks on Catholic churches before they escalate further.

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