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US Intel Says Less Than 50% of Gaza Hostages Are Still Alive

While the mainstream media continues to barely cover the hostages in Gaza, new reports claim that less than half are still alive.

The grim news that the number of Israeli hostages held by Hamas in the Gaza Strip might be as low as 50, rather than the 116 officially listed by Israel, adds another dark chapter to the ongoing conflict. This shocking revelation, based on U.S. intelligence assessments and Israeli intel, suggests a harrowing reality: dozens of these captives may already be dead—25 more than Israel has publicly acknowledged.

It’s now been over 258 days since these hostages were taken during the barbaric terror attacks by Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad on October 7. Among these hostages are American citizens, yet their plight seems to have been given scant attention by the mainstream media, a glaring omission that raises questions about media priorities.

This turmoil underscores a painful reality: any military solution both complex and potentially unending. Netanyahu‘s government insists on destroying Hamas’s military and governance capabilities, yet as retired Israeli General Israel Ziv pointed out, Israel might soon be grappling with mere guerrilla warfare against Hamas, which could drag on for years.

These developments present a grim view of the situation in Gaza and Israel, illustrating the harsh realities that Israel is facing against terrorism. As the international community observes, we must keep the hostages in the forefront of our minds. Their return should be a priority, and until then, the media’s relentless coverage of their plight is crucial.

Robert Chernin

Robert Chernin

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