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Ukrainian Prosecutor Viktor Shokin Exposes Biden’s Corruption

Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin's testimony implicates Biden in his firing, raising questions about Burisma's influence/corruption.

In the absurd theater of politics, a familiar plot unfolds again: Joe Biden, who unironically spearheaded an impeachment of Trump for something he himself did, now finds himself back in the spotlight for his own actions. Viktor Shokin, the Ukrainian Prosecutor General whom Biden proudly declared he got fired, has spoken out about the Biden family’s hand in his dismissal, shedding light on what the mainstream media has diligently buried.

The video evidence of Biden’s threat to Ukraine, vowing to withhold a billion dollars unless Shokin was axed, has circulated widely. Biden defended this move as his effort to push Ukraine toward combating corruption more aggressively. Was this really about Shokin’s alleged inefficiency or was it to stop an investigation that was getting too close to Burisma, the company connected to Biden’s son, Hunter?

While some blindly embraced the narrative of Biden’s anti-corruption crusade, others speculated there was a deeper motive. New evidence reveals that Mykola Zlochevsky, the founder of Burisma, allegedly informed the FBI that his company proposed a substantial amount of $5 million to both Joe and Hunter Biden, with the condition that Viktor Shokin be removed. Though the actual flow of these funds remains unclear, the insinuation of quid pro quo looms large.

The much-trusted “fact-checkers” rushed to Biden’s rescue, attempting to disconnect the dots between Biden’s words and his son’s involvement. But how far can we trust these fact-checkers who sometimes seem more like narrative enforcers?

Returning to Shokin, yes, he carries his own baggage of corruption allegations in a country well-acquainted with such malfeasance. Yet, he unequivocally holds the Biden crime family accountable for his firing. In a recent Fox News interview, he outlined how his pursuit of the Burisma investigation made him a target. Shokin even posits that Biden’s dispensing of $1 billion in U.S. aid in exchange for his ousting could be construed as corruption in itself.

The White House’s spokesperson retorted with the well-worn claim that these accusations have been debunked, ignoring the mounting evidence. Devon Archer’s congressional testimony and Biden’s own video-recorded statements further fuel the fire. Shokin’s revelation is bolstered by records showing he was poisoned twice.

Yet, predictably, the mainstream media remains hesitant to lift the veil on the Biden family dealings. Their allegiance to Biden’s protection dampens any hope of timely journalistic integrity.

As the Biden saga continues, one can only wonder if this time the truth will emerge from the swamp or if we’ll have to wait for the improbable to occur. With each revelation, the veneer protecting the President’s image appears thinner, and the American people’s right to transparency hangs in the balance.

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