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The Devon Archer Testimony and Joe Biden’s Burisma Connection

Devon Archer's testimony is being manipulated to shield Joe Biden in the Burisma case, downplaying potential influence-peddling claims.

In the ever-twisting narrative of the Burisma scandal, the recent testimony of Devon Archer, a fellow board member of Hunter Biden at the Ukrainian energy firm, has triggered a surge of spin aimed at shielding President Joe Biden. The media has been swift in its attempts to downplay Archer’s words, but let’s dissect the facts, unclouded by partisan fog.

Archer’s assertion that he possesses no knowledge of wrongdoing by Joe Biden’s alteration of U.S. policy for his son’s gain is hardly a resounding exoneration. It’s a classic argument from silence, designed to cast doubt rather than provide concrete clarity. His ignorance doesn’t erase the lingering questions or alter the disturbing timeline of events.

Despite the smoke and mirrors, one thing is clear: Burisma executives indeed pressured Hunter Biden to involve his father in their affairs. Archer’s admission, though seemingly innocuous, raises pertinent concerns. He supposedly learned about this through secondary sources, with no follow-up discussion with Hunter after the call. But let’s not forget that this is the same Hunter Biden who somehow landed a lucrative position on the Burisma board with no relevant qualifications. This call’s content is crucial, yet conveniently, Archer skirts around it.

The true crux lies in what counsel Joe Biden offered Hunter’s associates. We’re asked to swallow the narrative that Archer’s testimony somehow exonerates Joe Biden. Yet, the very idea of an unchecked, unscrutinized father advising his son on international business dealings while serving as vice president is deeply unsettling.

But there’s more. The bribery claim, although unsupported by corroborating evidence, is far from debunked. Archer revealed that Hunter Biden put his father on speakerphone around 20 times during their business partnership. This pattern raises eyebrows. While they might have discussed mundane topics like weather and fishing, such conversations assume a different hue against the backdrop of Burisma’s dubious dealings.

Remember, Joe Biden was the “chairman” of what some have referred to as “Biden Inc.” during these interactions. He held a ceremonial yet influential role, which only fuels concerns about the blurred lines between his official duties and his son’s business ventures.

Efforts to protect Joe Biden by cherry-picking Archer’s testimony only underscore the deliberate spin at play. Investigations take time, and Republicans are just beginning to untangle the web of associations. The fact remains that these revelations don’t bode well for President Biden, no matter how you spin it. The American people deserve transparency, not the partisan smokescreen we’re being handed.

In the end, the story is far from over. Archer’s testimony, rather than quelling suspicions, has ignited a fire of inquiry. The nation is watching, waiting for the truth to surface from the depths of the Biden labyrinth.

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