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Texas Man Convicted For Running A Brutal Sex Trafficking Operation

A Texas man, Larry Lewis, has been found guilty of sex trafficking, coercion, and abuse of women.

In a recent Houston trial, Larry “Lavish” Lewis, a 47-year-old man, was found guilty of heinous crimes involving sex trafficking, forcing women into prostitution, and crossing state lines for these illicit activities. This verdict comes after a six-day trial, with the jury deliberating for three hours before delivering a unanimous guilty verdict.

The charges against Lewis include sex trafficking four women through the use of force and coercion, as well as transporting them across state lines to engage in prostitution. This case, handled by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of Texas, reveals the grim realities of the sex trafficking trade.

During the trial, the victims bravely shared their harrowing experiences at the hands of Larry Lewis. They recounted how he had deceived them with false promises of a better life and more income, only to ensnare them in the dark world of forced prostitution. Lewis controlled every aspect of their lives, from confiscating their identification cards to tightly regulating access to their hotel rooms. These women were left entirely dependent on him for basic necessities such as food and shelter.

Perhaps most disturbingly, these victims revealed the extent of the violence and cruelty they endured. Lewis resorted to brutal punishments when his rules were broken. He kicked one victim in the head so forcefully that she crashed into a window, all because he perceived her as disrespectful. On another occasion, he whipped her with an electrical cord after she tried to escape in his vehicle. Another victim described how Lewis physically abused her to the point of breaking her ribs and leaving her body bruised and battered.

U.S. District Judge Randy Crane has set his sentencing for January 10, 2024. The severity of his crimes means that he could be sentenced to life in prison, an outcome that many may see as just considering the immense suffering he caused these women.

This case also highlights the Bissonnet Track, a notorious stretch of Bissonnet Street in southwest Houston known for its reputation as a major hub for sex trafficking. Over the years, this area has gained international notoriety for its involvement in the sex trade. However, the recent focus on this issue has led to unprecedented steps by local advocates and law enforcement to provide support for sex trafficking survivors and reduce prostitution activities in the region.

The Larry “Lavish” Lewis case serves as a reminder of the harsh realities faced by victims of sex trafficking and the importance of continued efforts to combat this abhorrent crime and support its survivors. His victims are one step closer to justice being served, but the battle against sex trafficking is far from over.

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