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Teachers Union President Likens Parental Rights Advocates to Segregationists

The head of a national teachers union draws criticism for comparing parental rights supporters to Jim Crow-era segregationists.

Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers, recently made a highly controversial comparison, likening supporters of parental rights and school choice to segregationists from the Jim Crow era. This statement has ignited outrage, with many critics taking issue with her analogy.

Weingarten’s comparison came during an interview with Northeastern University’s Burnes Center for Social Change, where she discussed the differences in today’s education debates compared to the 20th century. She argued that terms like “choice” and “parental rights” are being used by modern activists in a similar way to how segregationists opposed the integration of public schools.

Furthermore, Weingarten contended that only a “small group of extremists” support school choice and parental rights policies, citing figures like former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and organizations like Moms for Liberty. She believes they aim to end public education.

Critics of Weingarten’s remarks have strongly objected to her comparison. Some argue that if she genuinely wants to address segregation in modern schools, she should condemn practices like racially segregated “affinity groups” and “healing circles” used in K-12 schools. They also point out that public schools remain racially and economically segregated, and school choice has shown positive effects on integration.

The Southern Poverty Law Center previously labeled groups like Moms for Liberty and other parents’ rights organizations as “hate and antigovernment groups,” alongside groups like the Ku Klux Klan. Weingarten contends that the “vast majority” of parents reject the rhetoric of school choice and parental rights advocates.

Weingarten responded to the outcry by calling it an “example of the extremism we face,” emphasizing that she was shocked by the use of segregationist language and asserting that most parents and educators reject such rhetoric.

The controversy surrounding Weingarten’s comparison underscores the deeply polarized nature of discussions about education policy in the United States. Advocates of school choice and parental rights often argue that these policies empower parents and provide more options for students, while critics like Weingarten see them as detrimental to public education.

In conclusion, Randi Weingarten’s comparison of school choice and parental rights supporters to segregationists is highly offensive. The insult highlights the ongoing battle for control of education policy and the contrasting views on how best to serve the interests of students in America.

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