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Taxpayer-Funded University of Virginia Promotes Transgender Surgery Clinics

UVA Medical School sparks controversy hosting session on starting gender clinics.

In a recent revelation, the University of Virginia (UVA) Medical School hosted an educational session teaching current and future healthcare professionals to establish “gender-affirming” health programs. The session, titled “Starting a Gender Affirming Surgery Program,” sparked controversy as it provided continuing education credits and showcased a lecture by “gender-affirming” surgeon Dr. Rachel Bluebond-Langner.

During the session, Dr. Bluebond-Langner discussed the principles behind the growth of transgender surgery programs, emphasizing the increasing demand due to expanded insurance coverage and societal awareness. She shared her experiences at NYU Langone Health, where she contributed to a nearly 200% increase in gender-affirming surgeries over five years.

Critics argue that taxpayer-funded institutions should not promote controversial medical practices, expressing concern over the ideological shift in healthcare education. The UVA session’s focus on creating gender clinics raised questions about the appropriateness of using public resources for such endeavors.

The session highlighted collaboration with Callen-Lorde, an LGBTQ health center known for providing gender hormone therapy and assisting individuals seeking sex reassignment surgery. Critics questioned the university’s involvement with organizations that explicitly cater to specific identity groups, raising concerns about potential bias in healthcare practices.

Dr. Bluebond-Langner emphasized the importance of institutional support for successful gender clinics, citing NYU Langone Health’s commitment to creating an affirming environment. However, skeptics argue that the prioritization of transgender healthcare may divert resources from broader healthcare needs.

The speaker’s involvement in shaping the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) Standards of Care, used by insurance companies to determine coverage for transgender services, raised concerns about potential conflicts of interest. Critics questioned whether such standards might prioritize ideological considerations over medical necessity.

The education session concluded with a panel discussion led by Dr. John Stranix, a UVA Professor and the surgical lead of UVA’s gender-affirming health program. Dr. Stranix revealed UVA’s active participation in legislative efforts to expand sex reassignment services, drawing attention to the university’s multifaceted approach to advocating for transgender rights.

Critics argue that universities should prioritize unbiased medical education and provide a platform for diverse perspectives rather than promoting specific ideological agendas. Concerns persist about the appropriate use of taxpayer funds to advance controversial medical practices, raising questions about the role of universities in shaping healthcare policies.

As debates continue over the intersection of ideology and medical education, the public remains divided on the appropriateness of using taxpayer resources to promote gender clinics within academic institutions.

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