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Study Reveals Google’s Pro-Abortion Bias

Evidence exposes Google's pro-choice agenda, from skewed search results to funding pro-abortion groups.

Google is under scrutiny for its obvious pro-abortion stance, as evidenced by multiple instances of bias in its search results and policies. The Media Research Center’s Free Speech America and CensorTrack data have exposed Google’s alignment with the pro-choice agenda.

The research reveals several instances where Google’s search engine and other platforms favored pro-abortion content while suppressing pro-life information. For example, when researchers searched for a pro-abortion study known as the “Turnaway Study,” Google buried pro-life results at the bottom of the page. In contrast, search engines like Bing and DuckDuckGo prominently displayed pro-life content, showing how result rankings significantly impact user engagement.

This is not an isolated issue but aligns with a broader pattern of Google’s pro-abortion stance. The tech giant has been accused of censorship, with instances of pro-life users and organizations facing content suppression on Google and YouTube. The ban on pro-life ads from organizations like Live Action and EWTN Global Catholic programming highlights Google’s prioritization of leftist ideology over pro-life content.

Even Google’s AI chatbot Bard displayed pro-abortion bias when responding to questions about landmark Supreme Court cases, suggesting that both sides had strong arguments in cases like Dobbs v. Jackson. This skewed response disregarded the fundamental pro-life argument that abortion ends the life of an unborn child.

Google has also faced criticism for directing users searching for “pregnancy” to Planned Parenthood’s website, with its search results seemingly promoting the abortion provider. This was in contrast to Bing and DuckDuckGo, which provided more neutral search results.

Furthermore, Google’s employees have been actively involved in fundraising for Planned Parenthood, with Google matching donations raised during a specific period. The company has also matched donations for other pro-abortion organizations, such as the Center for Reproductive Rights and Susan G. Komen, which funds Planned Parenthood.

Google’s support for pro-abortion groups extends beyond employee donations, as it has been listed as a corporate supporter of the pro-abortion Center for American Progress since 2013.

These findings highlight Google’s consistent alignment with the pro-abortion agenda, raising concerns about the objectivity and fairness of the tech giant’s search results and policies. The revelations point to the need for transparency and accountability in how technology companies handle topics related to abortion and other contentious issues. Finally, until Google stops pushing its pro-abortion agenda, pro-life advocates should find and use alternatives to Google whenever possible.

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