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Louisiana Lawmakers Strip More Rights Away from Unborn Children

By redefining embryo and taking away references to unborn children, Louisiana lawmakers make the creation of life a mere commodity.

In Louisiana, legislative shifts are underway that threaten to undermine protections for embryos in IVF practices. Two new bills seek to modify the 1986 law that offered embryos certain protections by recognizing them as potential unborn children. These new bills aim to shield fertility industry practices that involve the routine manipulation and destruction of human embryos from liability, essentially prioritizing industry over nascent human life.

This legislative trend is deeply troubling. It represents not just a local policy shift but a broader cultural and spiritual crisis where the intrinsic value of life, particularly at its embryonic stage, is increasingly dismissed. The proposed changes in Louisiana reflect a disturbing move towards viewing life as a mere commodity, stripping away the sacredness bestowed upon it. The legislative maneuver to intentionally redefine the word “embryo” to exclude any reference to “unborn child” is a stark example of how far our society has strayed from its moral and ethical foundations. This isn’t just a matter of semantics. It is a deliberate attempt to strip away the inherent dignity and sanctity of nascent human life. 

Catholics like me find the redefinition of “embryo” in House Bill 833 and the immunities granted to fertility professionals in handling embryos alarmingly indicative of a society straying from its moral compass. By altering the language, lawmakers are effectively distancing the legal status of embryos from the undeniable fact that they are the earliest stages of human life. Such actions not only undermine the pro-life values many of us hold dear but also challenge the very essence of our Judeo-Christian heritage, which teaches us that every life, no matter how small, is created in the image and likeness of God. 

This redefinition is a troubling sign of the times, reflecting a broader cultural shift towards devaluing life in its most vulnerable form. It’s imperative that we, as a society, recognize and confront these manipulations for what they are: a direct assault on the principles of life and dignity that are the cornerstone of a just and moral society. This semantic and legal maneuvering around the term “embryo” diminishes the recognition of these entities as future children, which is a profound ethical misstep.

The opposition from the Louisiana Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Louisiana Family Forum underscores the significant resistance from those who continue to uphold the sanctity of all stages of life. As we face these legislative battles, it’s imperative that we, particularly Christians and all who value life, understand this as part of a larger war against the foundational Judeo-Christian values of our nation. 

Jay Shepard

Jay Shepard

Jay is a Director of The American Center for Education and Knowledge, a 501-c3 non-profit committed to protecting the ideals of individual rights, freedom of will and personal responsibility while defending American exceptionalism. Jay was elected as the National Committeeman to the Republican National Committee for Vermont in both 2012, 2016 and 2020.