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Sheetz Sued for Running Background Checks on Applicants

The Biden administration is suing Sheetz for racial discrimination for simply running criminal background checks on applicants.

In a move that’s as baffling as it is infuriating, Biden‘s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has taken it upon themselves to sue the Sheetz convenience store chain. Their claim? Sheetz’s hiring practices somehow unfairly exclude Black, Native American/Alaska Native, and multiracial applicants because of their criminal background checks. This accusation flies in the face of common sense and practical business operations. Moreover, this raises a rather pointed question: Is the Biden administration insinuating that minorities are more prone to criminal behavior, an assertion they’ve fervently tried to dismiss in the past?

The EEOC, in its infinite wisdom, asserts that Sheetz’s use of criminal conviction records in their hiring process is a form of “disparate impact discrimination” under Title VII. Yet, even they admit there’s no evidence to suggest Sheetz was racially motivated in their hiring decisions. So, we’re left to wonder, what’s the real agenda here?

Debra M. Lawrence from the EEOC pompously lectures that businesses must show their hiring practices are essential for job performance, failing to acknowledge the simple truth that a company has every right to ensure the safety of its employees and customers. Meanwhile, Jamie R. Williamson from the EEOC uses this as an opportunity to virtue signal about “Second Chance Month,” blatantly ignoring the fact that reintegrating individuals with criminal records into the workforce doesn’t require jeopardizing workplace safety.

Sheetz, a reputable business with nearly 600 locations, finds itself in the crosshairs of an administration that seems more interested in playing politics than fostering a thriving business environment. This lawsuit smacks of a desperate attempt by the Biden administration to distract from its own failures, including an embarrassingly lukewarm reception at a campaign stop that’s now tied to this legal fiasco.

Nick Ruffner’s response on behalf of Sheetz was dignified and to the point, emphasizing the company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion without succumbing to discrimination. It’s a shame that the EEOC can’t seem to recognize that protecting one’s business and customers isn’t discriminatory—it’s common sense.

What we’re witnessing is the Biden administration’s continued assault on the pillars of common sense and individual responsibility. By contorting the law to fit their woke agenda, they’re not only undermining America’s businesses but also insulting the intelligence of the American people. It’s clear that under Biden’s watch, pandering to political correctness takes precedence over supporting businesses that contribute to our economy and community. As Americans, we must see through these desperate lies and reject the Democratic Party’s vision of a nation hamstrung by baseless lawsuits and unwarranted government interference.

Robert Chernin

Robert Chernin

Robert B. Chernin has brought his years of political consulting and commentary back to radio. As a longtime entrepreneur, business leader, fundraiser and political confidant, Robert has a unique perspective with insights not heard anyway else. Robert has consulted on federal and statewide campaigns at the gubernatorial, congressional, senatorial, and presidential level. He served in leadership roles in the presidential campaigns of President George W. Bush as well as McCain for President. He led Florida’s Victory 2004’s national Jewish outreach operations as Executive Director. In addition, he served on the President’s Committee of the Republican Jewish Coalition. Robert co-founded and served as president of the Electoral Science Institute, a non-profit organization that utilizes behavioral science to increase voter participation and awareness. Robert can be heard on multiple radio stations and viewed on the “Of the People” podcast where you get your podcasts.