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Senator Grassley Uncovers Over 40 FBI Sources on Potential Crimes Involving the Bidens

Senator Grassley reveals FBI's extensive confidential sources regarding the Bidens, raising concerns of investigation delays.

Senator Chuck Grassley has revealed that the FBI received information from over 40 confidential sources regarding potential criminal matters involving Joe Biden, his brother James, and his son Hunter. In a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray, Grassley expressed concerns about delays and attempts to halt investigative activities related to the Biden family. The senator cited whistleblower information and allegations indicating that some Department of Justice and FBI officials were improperly impeding investigations into the Bidens. Grassley highlighted that the FBI had maintained numerous Confidential Human Sources who provided criminal information about the Bidens.

Furthermore, Grassley noted that an FBI task force had interfered with reporting and information from these confidential sources by falsely labeling it as foreign disinformation. The task force’s actions effectively stopped investigative activity. Grassley cited an example involving an FBI FD-1023 form that alleged Joe Biden and Hunter Biden received $5 million each from a Ukrainian oligarch to have Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin fired. Grassley’s investigation found that the Foreign Influence Task Force had tried to shut down this investigation, claiming it was subject to foreign disinformation. However, the information in the FD-1023 form had come from a credible confidential human source, not Rudy Giuliani, as had been suggested.

Grassley further discussed the FBI’s investigation into Mykola Zlochevsky, the founder of Ukrainian energy firm Burisma Holdings, which was related to kleptocracy. This investigation took place from January 2016 to December 2019, with former President Donald Trump drawing attention to Hunter Biden’s involvement with Burisma during his 2020 presidential campaign.

The FBI whistleblower behind the FD-1023 containing bribery allegations had previously provided information to the FBI in March 2017 about Zlochevsky for the prior investigation. Grassley pointed out that the Biden family’s FD-1023 information was separate from Giuliani’s and was obtained from a long-standing, highly-paid FBI Confidential Human Source, as exemplified by the Zlochevsky case. The FBI task force had tried to shut down the FD-1023 information in September 2020, alleging it was foreign disinformation.

Grassley’s letter requested records related to his allegations and outlined his plans to conduct interviews with 25 Department of Justice and FBI personnel who played a direct or indirect role in the matters. The Biden family’s business dealings, particularly Hunter Biden’s role on the board of Burisma, have been a subject of scrutiny.

Burisma paid Hunter Biden over $80,000 per month for his board membership, despite his lack of prior experience in the energy sector or Ukraine. Joe Biden’s involvement with Burisma has also been questioned, with allegations that his interactions with foreign business associates helped protect Burisma from scrutiny. Emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop archive have confirmed meetings between Joe Biden and Burisma executives.

Grassley’s investigation raises concerns about the handling of potential criminal matters related to the Biden family by the FBI and certain Department of Justice officials. The senator’s revelations are likely to fuel ongoing debates about the Bidens’ business dealings and potential legal implications.

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