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Senate Passes Amendment Protecting Veterans’ Second Amendment Rights

The Senate passed an amendment protecting veterans' Second Amendment rights from being stripped away by government workers.

The Senate has passed an important amendment introduced by Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana, which aims to protect veterans’ Second Amendment rights when the Department of Veterans Affairs becomes involved in managing their financial benefits. The Senate’s approval of this amendment with a vote of 53 to 45 is a significant step in defending the rights of those who have served our nation.

Kennedy’s amendment seeks to ensure that veterans’ rights are not jeopardized by the decisions of unelected government officials. He argues that veterans who bravely defended the Constitution should not have their right to bear arms subjected to the judgment of bureaucrats. The Department of Veterans Affairs currently reports veterans’ names to the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System when they seek financial assistance through a conservatorship. This reporting can result in veterans losing their firearms without due process.

Kennedy highlighted this issue on the Senate floor, explaining that veterans who ask the VA for help managing their financial affairs are automatically reported to the FBI’s background check system, resulting in the loss of their firearms. The amendment aims to change this by requiring a judge’s ruling to determine if a veteran is a danger to themselves or others before any action is taken regarding their firearms.

Senator Jerry Moran of Kansas, another Republican, played a significant role in championing this amendment. He has emphasized that the amendment seeks to prevent government workers from unduly depriving veterans of their Second Amendment rights. The goal is to protect veterans and ensure that their right to bear arms is not automatically taken away.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) welcomed the passage of the amendment, commending Senators Kennedy and Moran for their leadership in this critical issue. The NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) is the group’s lobbying arm, and its executive director, Randy Kozuch, expressed support for the amendment’s passage. Kozuch stated that it is a national embarrassment that anti-gun bureaucrats in Washington have been able to strip veterans of their rights unilaterally for decades. He commended Senators Kennedy and Moran for their crucial roles in addressing this issue and stressed the importance of protecting the rights of veterans who have volunteered to defend the Constitution.

The passage of this amendment marks a significant victory for veterans and their Second Amendment rights. Senator Kennedy was able to reach an agreement with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer regarding the amendment after holding up a bill funding various departments, including Veterans Affairs. This development is crucial in protecting the rights of veterans who have selflessly served our nation and ensuring that their rights are upheld, especially when they seek assistance from the Department of Veterans Affairs. The Senate’s decision to pass this amendment represents a positive step in defending the constitutional rights of veterans.

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