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Protecting Constitutional Rights: A Victory in New Mexico

In a victory for constitutional rights, a federal judge in New Mexico has halted the governor's suspension of gun rights.

A federal judge in New Mexico has dealt a resounding blow to Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s recent attempt to suspend gun rights in Albuquerque and Bernalillo County. This remarkable ruling is a significant win for the protection of constitutional rights. The governor’s unconstitutional action, disguised as a measure to combat gun violence and drug abuse, has triggered a surge of completely justified legal disputes. It’s a clear example of executive overreach, and the courts have rightfully stepped in to uphold the Second Amendment.

The governor’s order, issued just last week, imposed a 30-day ban on the public carrying of both open and concealed firearms. Lujan Grisham argued that this drastic action was necessary due to a disturbing increase in gun violence and illegal drug activity in the area. While addressing such issues is undoubtedly important, it cannot come at the expense of our constitutional rights.

Thankfully, citizens and organizations that understand the importance of the Second Amendment stood up to challenge this overreach. Hannah Hill, the executive director of the National Foundation for Gun Rights, was among the plaintiffs in the case. She rightly called the governor’s move “wildly unconstitutional” and celebrated the federal judge’s decision to halt it.

But the governor, undeterred by this setback, vows to continue the fight. She has framed gun violence and drug abuse as public health crises and called for collective action. While addressing these issues is crucial, restricting the rights of law-abiding gun owners is not the solution. Our Constitution enshrines these rights for a reason – to protect individuals and their families.

Even Democratic State Attorney General Raúl Torrez couldn’t find it within himself to support the governor’s order. In a letter to Lujan Grisham, he expressed skepticism about its efficacy in improving public safety and raised concerns about its constitutionality. This bipartisan resistance should serve as a clear signal that the governor’s actions were not only divisive but also legally questionable.

In his ruling, U.S. District Judge David Urias weighed the governor’s concerns about public safety but, correctly, made his decision based on the rights of the citizens. It’s a win for the Constitution, reminding us that our rights are not controlled by any single person, regardless of their position.

The judge’s temporary restraining order will remain in effect at least until an October 3rd hearing. This gives the courts more time to consider the constitutional implications of the governor’s actions.

Gun rights are an essential component of our Constitution. They are not mere privileges to be revoked at the discretion of any official. Addressing gun violence and drug abuse is crucial, but we cannot violate the rights of responsible gun owners in the process.

The legal showdown in New Mexico serves as a poignant reminder that our Constitution, including the Second Amendment, must be upheld and protected. Our rights should never be sacrificed in the name of political expediency or perceived crises. We can find solutions to pressing issues without compromising the very essence of our democracy – our constitutional rights.

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