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Progress: 15 Soros Prosecutors Are No Longer on the Job

Since 2022, 15 Soros-funded DAs have left office as Americans demand justice and safety, rejecting radical "reform" policies undermining law and order.

In recent years, America has witnessed an insidious attempt to upend the fabric of our criminal justice system. This effort, bankrolled by liberal megadonor George Soros, has seen far-left district attorneys take office across the nation, each one seemingly more radical than the last. Their shared agenda? To dismantle the rule of law under the guise of “reform.” Yet, a heartening trend has emerged: since 2022, at least 15 of these so-called reformers are now gone due to resignation, retirement, recall, or electoral defeat. This wave of accountability suggests that Americans are waking up to the dangers posed by these radical prosecutors and are beginning to reclaim the sanctity of our communities.

The latest casualty in this ongoing battle is Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm, who announced his departure in a move emblematic of the broader pushback against Soros’ agenda. Chisholm, like his fellow radical DAs, championed policies that have directly contributed to the erosion of public safety: ending cash bail, releasing prisoners en masse, and turning a blind eye to crimes that tear at the social fabric of our communities. The tragic case of Darrell Brooks, who, while out on laughably low bail, drove his car into a Christmas parade, killing five and injuring dozens, serves as a stark reminder of the real-world consequences of these misguided policies.

Chisholm’s acknowledgment that his approach would inevitably lead to violence is a chilling admission of the flawed ideology driving this movement. Yet, despite the clear danger, Chisholm and his ilk have persisted, supported by Soros’ deep pockets and a media all too eager to champion their cause. This radical experiment in criminal justice “reform” has turned our cities into laboratories for failed policies, with citizens paying the price.

The backlash against Soros-backed DAs is not confined to conservative strongholds. Even in deep blue territories, voters are rising up. The recall of Chesa Boudin in San Francisco and the electoral defeat of Marilyn Mosby in Baltimore are testament to a growing consensus across the political spectrum that enough is enough. The message is clear: Americans demand safety, justice, and respect for the rule of law.

Yet, despite these victories, the battle is far from over. More than 70 Soros-funded prosecutors still hold office, wielding their power to undermine public safety and erode trust in our legal system. The indictment of former President Donald Trump by Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, another beneficiary of Soros’ largesse, underscores the political weaponization of our justice system by these so-called reformers.

As Americans, we must remain vigilant. The primary and general elections this year offer a crucial opportunity to continue the pushback against the radical criminal justice “reform” movement. The stakes could not be higher. Our cities, once beacons of prosperity and lawfulness, have become battlegrounds in a war against common sense. It is incumbent upon us, the people, to stand up and reclaim our communities from those who would sacrifice our safety on the altar of political ideology. The tide is turning against Soros and his prosecutors, but the fight to restore America’s founding principles of justice and order is ongoing. Let us rise to the challenge.

Robert Chernin

Robert Chernin

Robert B. Chernin has brought his years of political consulting and commentary back to radio. As a longtime entrepreneur, business leader, fundraiser and political confidant, Robert has a unique perspective with insights not heard anyway else. Robert has consulted on federal and statewide campaigns at the gubernatorial, congressional, senatorial, and presidential level. He served in leadership roles in the presidential campaigns of President George W. Bush as well as McCain for President. He led Florida’s Victory 2004’s national Jewish outreach operations as Executive Director. In addition, he served on the President’s Committee of the Republican Jewish Coalition. Robert co-founded and served as president of the Electoral Science Institute, a non-profit organization that utilizes behavioral science to increase voter participation and awareness. Robert can be heard on multiple radio stations and viewed on the “Of the People” podcast where you get your podcasts.