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Pro-Palestinian Demonstrators in New York Celebrate Hamas Attack

Pro-Palestinian activists in New York celebrate Hamas's attack on Israel, as supporters of the Jewish state mourn and express outrage.

In a revolting turn of events, pro-Palestinian demonstrators in New York gathered to celebrate Hamas’s massive terror attack on Israel. While Israel supporters came together to mourn the hundreds of lives lost and to express their outrage, pro-Palestinian activists celebrated the violence, sending a disturbing message about their stance on the conflict.

On Sunday, several hundred pro-Palestinian demonstrators assembled in Times Square, proudly waving Palestinian flags and chanting phrases like “Resistance is justified” and “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.” These chants were not calls for peace or dialogue but rather statements of support for violent acts against Israel.

In contrast, a smaller group of pro-Israel demonstrators, including many Israelis, gathered across the street, singing Israel’s national anthem, “Hatikvah,” and chanting “Shame” and “Murderers.” The scene was tense, with both sides exchanging words, but police quickly stepped in to prevent any confrontations.

While the pro-Israel group was mourning the loss of life on both sides and expressing their concern about the ongoing violence, the pro-Palestinian activists were disgustingly jubilant. Some of them chanted “700,” referring to the number of Israeli fatalities then-confirmed in the attack, and made throat-slitting gestures. It is deeply disturbing that anyone would celebrate such violence and loss of innocent life.

Furthermore, the pro-Palestinian group used offensive gestures and images to taunt the pro-Israel demonstrators. They held up a picture of an Israeli hostage and waved it in the faces of the Israeli group. One individual was even seen brandishing an image of a swastika. These actions are not only disrespectful but also deeply offensive, and they undermine any hope for peace.

In response to these events, Israeli supporters described the gathering as a “vigil” rather than a protest. They were mourning the loss of life and expressing their concerns about the days ahead. This was a somber event, in stark contrast to the pro-Palestinian gathering.

Some of the groups organizing these pro-Palestinian protests are affiliated with student organizations at the City University of New York (CUNY), which has been accused of allowing campus antisemitism. The New York branch of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) political party also supported the protest, adding to the concern. While the DSA expressed solidarity with the Palestinian people’s right to resist, it’s important to remember that terror and violence against civilians are not legitimate forms of resistance.

In conclusion, these events in New York are deeply concerning. While people have the right to express their opinions and support various causes, celebrating terrorism is never acceptable.

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