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Pro-Life Victory: Over 130 Abortion Clinics Have Closed Across the US Since 2021

A pro-life triumph unfolds as 137 abortion clinics stop performing abortions in just two years.

In a significant victory for the pro-life movement, a total of 137 abortion clinics have ceased operations in the past two years across the United States, marking a substantial decline in facilities where abortions are performed. This decline, revealed in the 2023 annual survey by Operation Rescue, a pro-life organization, showcases the tangible impact of changing legal landscapes and growing pro-life efforts.

The closures have led to 14 states becoming abortion-free, offering legal protections for countless unborn lives. Notably, Indiana joined the list of abortion-free states in 2023, due to the closure of seven abortion clinics. This statistic is particularly striking when considering that over 8,000 abortions were performed in Indiana in 2021.

The data also reveals that 49 abortion clinics closed or ceased performing abortions in 2023 alone; an additional 88 abortion facilities closed or stopped performing abortions last year. The closures are not limited to a specific type of clinic, with both pill-only and surgical abortion facilities being affected. While the closures are undoubtedly a cause for celebration among pro-life advocates, the report highlights a concerning trend of mail-order abortions as the pro-abortion movement adapts to find alternative methods to carry out terminations.

Operation Rescue President Troy Newman commended the pro-life community’s enduring efforts, emphasizing the impact of the recent legal developments in the decline of abortion clinics. Newman notes there has been a 69% decrease since 1991 when 2,176 abortion clinics were operational.

However, Newman also emphasizes the rise in dangerous mail-order abortions as a challenge that requires vigilance from the pro-life community. The report underscores the importance of ongoing efforts to expose the practices of the abortion industry and protect vulnerable lives.

An analysis of clinic closures offers encouraging insights, showing that 17 states experienced a net loss of abortion clinics, including Indiana. Conversely, 11 states showed a net gain, mostly in states that have recently reinforced abortion rights. Notable losses occurred in New Jersey and New York, with the latter witnessing a decline in surgical clinics.

The report concludes that 670 abortion clinics operate in 36 states, with California having the highest concentration, followed by New York and Florida. The situation in Florida remains uncertain pending a decision on the state’s 15-week gestational limit ban, with potential closures on the horizon if the ban is upheld.

In summary, the pro-life movement continues to make strides in protecting the sanctity of unborn lives across the nation, but vigilance remains crucial to address emerging challenges such as mail-order abortions.

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