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Pro-Life Activist Sues Biden for $4.3 Million Over FBI Raid

Mark Houck has filed a lawsuit against Joe Biden and the Justice Department, alleging a wrongful FBI raid and malicious prosecution that harmed his family.

Pro-life activist Mark Houck is taking legal action against President Joe Biden and the Department of Justice, seeking $4.3 million in damages. The lawsuit stems from a controversial FBI raid on Houck’s family home and what he describes as a politically motivated prosecution for his anti-abortion stance.

Houck, known for his pro-life advocacy, faced charges under the federal Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act. The charges were related to an incident where Houck intervened to protect his son from harassment by an abortion business escort. The incident triggered a dawn raid on Houck’s home, involving 20 heavily-armed federal agents. In the end, a federal jury acquitted Houck.

Now, Houck is seeking compensation for the trauma inflicted on his family during the FBI raid. The lawsuit alleges damages of $4.3 million due to an “unlawful, malicious, and corrupt” use of “excessive force.” The Houcks claim that the FBI’s actions have led to severe emotional distress, with their seven children suffering nightmares and emotional trauma. The stress reportedly caused the couple’s infertility, leading to the loss of three babies through miscarriages.

The legal filings reveal the extent of the FBI’s actions during the raid, which involved pointing guns at Houck and his family. The excessive force used, including battering rams, ballistic shields, and long rifles, left a lasting impact on the Houck family. The children continue to experience anxiety, with some needing medication to cope with the aftermath of the traumatic event.

The lawsuits emphasize that the raid was unnecessary, considering that Mark Houck had already informed the Department of Justice of his willingness to surrender voluntarily. Despite this, the FBI chose to conduct an entirely unnecessary early-morning raid.

Mark Houck’s legal team argues that the case against him was politically motivated, as the Biden Department of Justice took up the matter almost a year after it had been thrown out in state court. Attorney Peter Breen contends that serious questions need to be asked of the Attorney General regarding the reasoning behind such a dramatic and forceful action against a peaceful pro-life activist.

Houck, a father of seven, is well-known for his sidewalk counseling efforts outside Philadelphia abortion businesses. His legal battle against the Biden administration sheds light on the challenges faced by pro-life advocates in a contentious political climate. The lawsuit seeks not only financial compensation but also accountability for what Houck perceives as an unconstitutional and politically charged attack on his family and his right to peacefully protest abortion.

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