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Parallels of Scandal: Biden and Watergate, Cover-ups, and Lies

History repeats itself, drawing eerie parallels between the Biden family and the Watergate scandal in a tale of power, cover-ups, and lies.

The echoes of history are ringing loud and clear in the Biden administration, as scandals reminiscent of the Watergate era unravel before our eyes. It’s a tale of power, cover-ups, and misplaced loyalties that are strikingly similar to the saga that brought down President Nixon. 

In the early 1970s, a young graduate fresh out of school found himself in the heart of the Watergate scandal. Today, with the Biden crime family scandal emerging, the parallels are uncanny. Those ensnared in the Biden debacle are following a script that Watergate veterans know all too well.

Enter President Biden’s staunch defenders who, like their Watergate counterparts, claim the president was blissfully unaware of any wrongdoing. It’s a familiar tune, one that Nixon’s supporters sang until the mounting evidence crushed their song. Just as Nixon was eventually revealed to have had knowledge of the break-in, the walls around President Biden are crumbling as more evidence surfaces of his awareness of his son Hunter’s pay-for-play dealings.

Rep. Dan Goldman’s recent attempt to downplay the significance of Hunter Biden’s calls to his father during meetings with questionable foreign parties is reminiscent of past attempts to spin the truth. Goldman’s feeble argument that the calls might have been about the weather only serves to undermine the credibility of those grasping at straws to protect the president.

Yet, it’s not just the echoes of past scandals that are ringing loudly. The tactics of those trying to shield the president are a page right out of the Watergate playbook. They act out of party loyalty, assuming their higher-ups will protect them. But history tells a different story. Countless Watergate figures, once hopeful of protection, ended up paying for their misjudgment.

In a stunning twist of irony, the present attorney general, Merrick Garland, appears to be repeating the same mistakes as his Watergate predecessors. The grave allegations of conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and perjury eerily parallel the actions of Watergate’s convicts. Garland would do well to learn from history, lest he suffer the same fate as the late John Mitchell.

As the Biden scandal unfolds, we see the predictable behavior of Congress members. Democrats circle their wagons, rallying around their beleaguered president. But the evidence isn’t going away, and neither will the Democrats’ internal conflicts, especially among those in tight races. It’s déjà vu as House Republicans pass impeachment articles, Senate Democrats split, and the senior Democratic leadership delivers the same message to the president: resign for the sake of the nation.

In this saga, the media’s role is nothing short of déjà vu. Once again, we witness some major outlets downplaying the story while others, like The Washington Post, take the lead. The narrative is eerily reminiscent of how the New York Post’s revelation of Hunter Biden’s laptop story was treated.

History is cyclical, and the Biden administration seems to be walking the well-worn path of political scandals past. As the truth inevitably comes to light, those who have denied or concealed it will, once again, find themselves in a sea of regret and disgrace.

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