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Over 3,000 Car Dealers Oppose Biden’s Electric Vehicle Mandates

3,882 auto dealers unite against Biden's ambitious electric vehicle mandate, citing unrealistic targets and lack of consumer demand.

In a bold move, 3,882 automobile dealers nationwide have united to send a clear message to President Joe Biden: the government’s electric vehicle (EV) mandate is not just unrealistic but also unachievable. The dealers, representing every major brand, penned a joint open letter explaining that the current technology, infrastructure, and consumer buy-in are insufficient to meet the administration’s ambitious targets. The mandate, calling for 60% of new-vehicle sales to be EVs by 2030, lacks understanding of market economics and faces significant challenges, according to the dealers.

While acknowledging the presence of many “excellent” EVs on the market, the letter highlights a stark reality – the demand for electric vehicles is not keeping pace with the influx prompted by current regulations. Despite incentives such as federal tax credits up to $7,500, EVs are accumulating on dealership lots, and consumer enthusiasm has stalled. The letter underscores the disconnect between government directives and consumer preferences, emphasizing that the majority of customers are not ready for the shift to electric.

The core issue lies in the attempt by the Biden administration to dictate consumer choices, defying the economic law of supply and demand. The government’s interference extends to mandating what the automotive industry produces, disregarding consumer demand. The dealers emphasize their role in providing vehicles that meet customers’ budgets and lifestyles and stress that the majority are not prepared for the transition to electric.

Cost remains a significant barrier, with entry-level EVs often priced higher than their gasoline counterparts. The charging infrastructure is another obstacle, especially for those without access to home charging. The scarcity of charging stations, particularly in rural areas, poses a challenge, and the time-intensive recharging process contrasts sharply with the quick refueling of gasoline-powered vehicles. Additionally, concerns about dependence on China for EV batteries and rare earth minerals are raised, adding a layer of geopolitical risk to the push for electric.

The open letter, supported by dealers from all across the country, urges a retreat from the top-down mandate and advocates for market forces to naturally drive the adoption of EVs over time. It emphasizes the importance of addressing existing challenges and allowing consumers to make choices based on their preferences and needs. The dealers’ message serves as a reminder that successful transitions in the automotive industry require a balance between innovation, consumer acceptance, and market-driven evolution.

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