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Over 1 Million Lives Saved by Care Net’s Pregnancy Centers

Reaching a monumental milestone, Care Net's network has successfully saved over 1 million babies, showcasing the power of compassionate, community-based support.

Recently, Care Net, a life-affirming pregnancy help network, announced a milestone – saving over one million lives through its network of affiliated pregnancy centers between 2008 and 2022. The remarkable achievement of Care Net stands out as a beacon of hope and a testament to the power of faith-driven community action.

At the core of Care Net’s success is a philosophy deeply rooted in Christian values, a fact eloquently articulated by Vincent DiCaro, Care Net’s Chief Outreach Officer. The organization’s focus transcends the mere act of saving lives; it encompasses the building of strong, cohesive family units. A striking example of this holistic approach is the significant increase in fatherhood programs at these centers over the last decade, highlighting the importance of the paternal role in the family setting.

Jor-El Godsey, president of Heartbeat International, acknowledges this achievement as part of a larger narrative in the realm of pregnancy help and family support. This collaborative effort between Care Net and its affiliated centers is a powerful statement about the values that underpin American society – values that cherish life, support women in challenging situations, and foster robust family structures. These centers have become havens of hope and solace, guiding women through the complex and often daunting journey of pregnancy, particularly when it’s unintended.

Amidst the political wrangling and the contentious debates surrounding abortion, these centers stand as apolitical entities. They are focused unerringly on the well-being and support of women. Andrea Trudden, Vice President of Communications and Marketing for Heartbeat International, emphasizes this point. Regardless of the legal status of abortion, these centers provide a space where women can find support, guidance, and a sense of community.

The work of pregnancy centers, particularly those affiliated with Care Net, is transformational, not transactional. Unlike abortion clinics that often operate on a purely transactional basis, these pregnancy centers delve into the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of the women and families they serve. This comprehensive care model is reflected in the staggering amount of free services provided to communities – an endeavor that transcends mere financial valuation.

Looking ahead, Care Net’s focus on fostering deeper connections between churches and local pregnancy centers is pivotal. This strategy aims to galvanize community support, ensuring a sustained impact in a post-Roe world. The role of the faith community in this endeavor cannot be understated; it’s a fundamental pillar in nurturing and upholding the values that these centers represent.

Jay Shepard

Jay Shepard

Jay is a Director of The American Center for Education and Knowledge, a 501-c3 non-profit committed to protecting the ideals of individual rights, freedom of will and personal responsibility while defending American exceptionalism. Jay was elected as the National Committeeman to the Republican National Committee for Vermont in both 2012, 2016 and 2020.