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Oklahoma Is Standing Up to Woke Teacher Unions

Oklahoma's State Superintendent is standing up to woke indoctrination and teacher union dominance that's been poisoning schools.

Ryan Walters, Oklahoma’s State Superintendent of Public Instruction, is making a decisive turn away from the woke indoctrination and teacher union dominance that’s been poisoning America’s education systems. He recently laid out his vision for a seismic shift in how education is delivered in the Sooner State during a candid chat on “The Kevin Roberts Show” podcast.

Walters didn’t mince words about his plans to dismantle the stranglehold that teachers unions have on schools, purge woke curricula, and restore parental rights to the forefront of education policy.

“Listen, we’re going to have school choice. We’re going to bring back parents’ rights. We’re going to focus on the basics.”

Ryan Walters on The Kevin Roberts Show

Parents are fed up with the current state of education—a system hijacked by ideologies that have little to do with actual learning. Walters understands something fundamental: Education should be about empowering students with knowledge, not indoctrinating them with the latest social theories. His push for school choice is a recognition that parents, not distant bureaucrats or agenda-driven unions, know what’s best for their children.

Further, Walters’ commitment to utilizing test scores as a barometer for student success is a return to common sense. It’s a stand for accountability in an era where the very concept of achievement is often muddled by feel-good policies that fail to prepare students for real-world challenges. This is about setting a standard and striving to meet it, something that’s been sorely missing in many places.

The superintendent’s crusade against the encroachment of woke ideology in classrooms is arguably his most critical battle. This isn’t just about educational content; it’s about preserving the innocence of childhood and ensuring schools are places of learning, not political battlegrounds. The teacher unions, long entrenched in their ways, may see Walters as a threat. Still, for countless parents and concerned citizens, he’s a champion fighting to reclaim our schools.

As Walters boldly moves forward, his actions send a powerful message beyond Oklahoma‘s borders. This fight is a reflection of a national hunger for educational reform—a desire to strip away the layers of political interference and get back to the core mission of schools: educating the next generation. Walters’ approach, grounded in parental rights, accountability, and a rejection of divisive ideologies, offers a hopeful vision for an education system that truly serves students and society.

Robert Chernin

Robert Chernin

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