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North Carolina’s Parents’ Bill of Rights Law Empowers Parents in Education

North Carolina's new law gives parents a bigger role in their children's schooling.

In North Carolina, a new Parents’ Bill of Rights law is stirring the pot in the world of education. The law, which is raising eyebrows among liberal educators, is meant to give parents more influence in their children’s schooling.

One of the key elements of the law is to provide parents with more access to learning materials and the curriculum. The law also requires parental consent for student surveys.

According to Tamika Walker Kelly, the president of the North Carolina Association of Educators, schools have always made instructional materials accessible to parents by posting them online. What’s new is that parents can now request to see any additional supplementary materials that schools might be using.

The law also mandates that schools seek parents’ approval in various situations, like medical care and when a student wants to use a different name or pronouns. In essence, it’s about getting parents involved in decisions that affect their children.

Furthermore, if parents have concerns about a specific topic or activity, they have a platform to voice their opinions. They can bring these concerns to the school in writing, and in some cases, students can even opt-out of certain activities. The law enables parents to report schools to the state authorities if they believe the schools are not adhering to these regulations.

For instance, part of the Parents’ Bill of Rights law emphasizes a parent’s right to withhold consent for their children to participate in reproductive health and safety classes, or certain parts of them. This provision underscores the importance of parental involvement in sensitive subjects.

Eva DuBuisson, an attorney for the Granville County school board, stated during an October 2 meeting that the law is about giving parents the power to determine their child’s participation in the curriculum. She mentioned that some of it is merely about updating the language in the educational framework.

School districts in North Carolina have a deadline of January to implement these new requirements. So, many districts are hard at work drafting new policies and consulting their legal teams to ensure they are compliant with the new law.

North Carolina’s Parents’ Bill of Rights is a huge win for parents in the state. Now the question is, how many schools will try to defy the law and ignore parental rights?

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