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New York Times Article May Indicate Gun Control Activists’ Next Target: Ammunition

An article about the Army Ammunition Plant in Missouri linking it to mass shootings may be paving the way for restrictions on ammunition sales.

Gun control advocates’ campaign against the Second Amendment may take a new turn, focusing on ammunition manufacturers. A recent investigative report by The New York Times sheds light on the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant in Independence, Missouri. However, the article’s narrative is far from balanced, omitting crucial perspectives on the role of ammunition in the hands of law-abiding citizens, military personnel, and law enforcement.

The Times piece, titled “Army Ammunition Plant Is Tied to Mass Shootings Across the U.S.,” employs an emotional tone, linking the Lake City plant to various mass shootings across the nation. The story unfolds as an attempt to associate the plant with criminal activities, sidestepping the fact that the vast majority of its ammunition is purchased by law-abiding citizens, including hunters, farmers, and target shooters.

A crucial aspect ignored by the authors is the use of Lake City ammunition by American troops and law enforcement officers. The millions of lives potentially saved by the reliable products from Lake City never find mention, leaving a significant void in the narrative.

Even an anti-gun activist, whose father was a victim of a mass shooting, refrains from attributing blame to the government or the Army. The activist’s acknowledgment that the shooter would have found ammunition elsewhere if Lake City rounds were not available contradicts the article’s attempt to assign responsibility to the manufacturer.

The Times introduces unnamed sources claiming that Lake City managers feared their ammunition would be associated with high-profile crime scenes. However, the credibility of four anonymous employees risking their jobs to speak off the record to The New York Times raises skepticism about the article’s journalistic integrity.

Amid the alarmist tone of the article, it inadvertently presents a silver lining for responsible gun owners. Addressing rumors of Lake City considering an end to commercial sales, a Missouri Congressman warned that such a move would violate the Second Amendment. Denials from the Defense Department and the White House regarding any plans to halt commercial sales offer at least a temporary reprieve for ammunition supply.

In summary, the New York Times article about the Army Ammunition Plant signals a potential escalation in the fight over gun rights. The article serves as a warning to responsible gun owners that ammunition might be gun control activists’ next target. As the activists seek to exploit mass shootings, increased calls for public accountability in ammunition sales and stricter background checks may be on the horizon. The battle for the Second Amendment continues, with ammunition now thrust into the spotlight.

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