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New Witnesses May Reveal How Biden Profited from Influence Peddling

New subpoenas target Hunter Biden, Eric Schwerin, and others to reveal Biden family business benefits and potential misconduct.

In the latest development of the impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden, House Republicans are turning their focus on subpoenas for key witnesses like Rob Walker, Eric Schwerin, and even Hunter Biden himself. These individuals are expected to shed light on lingering questions surrounding Joe Biden’s potential personal benefits from family business dealings. The House Oversight Committee, led by Chairman James Comer, issued these subpoenas in connection to the ongoing investigation into allegations of tax evasion and potential violations of foreign agent rules within the Biden family.

The committee, through Chairmen Comer and Jim Jordan, reached out to Hunter Biden’s lawyer, emphasizing Hunter’s personal knowledge of President Biden’s involvement in family business dealings. They anticipate gaining insights into whether President Biden took official actions or shaped policies in exchange for personal benefits, access, or participation in the family’s alleged enrichment scheme.

Former Representative Jason Chaffetz, experienced in leading investigations into the Obama administration, suggested that while there are crucial questions for Hunter Biden, it might be strategic to interview him in the later stages of the inquiry. Testimonies from other witnesses, including Devon Archer, a former business partner of Hunter Biden, have already been secured.

The recent subpoenas target Rob Walker and Eric Schwerin, both former business partners closely associated with Hunter Biden during the critical years under scrutiny. Chaffetz highlighted the need to question Hunter Biden about financial transactions involving numerous shell organizations and his connection to Rosemont Seneca’s operations. The broader inquiry delves into whether Joe Biden benefited personally from family business deals.

Recent revelations from the House Oversight Committee include bank records showing a $200,000 payment from James Biden to Joe Biden, labeled as a “loan repayment.” The committee is exploring whether Joe Biden provided loans to family members and if any family members reciprocated. Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop reportedly contains evidence suggesting he covered some of his father’s expenses during Joe Biden’s vice presidency.

One focus of the investigation is Eric Schwerin, who maintained a close relationship with Hunter Biden, facilitated communications about Joe Biden’s mortgage during his vice presidency, and visited the White House numerous times. The committee is interested in understanding the extent of Schwerin’s discussions with Joe Biden about business ventures while he had privileged access to the vice president’s staff.

Despite Hunter Biden’s lawyer, Abbe Lowell, attempting to halt the subpoenas, witnesses’ appearances before the Oversight Committee are not guaranteed. Witnesses, including Hunter Biden, may refuse to respond or appear, potentially leading to a legal battle to enforce the subpoenas. The unfolding developments indicate a growing scrutiny of the Biden family’s business dealings and their implications for President Biden.

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