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Justice: Michigan Woman Who Shot Man in Self-Defense Won’t Face Charges

In a justified self-defense case, a woman in Saginaw County, MI, will not be charged for fatally shooting an assailant in her home.

In a clear case of self-defense, Saginaw County, Michigan prosecutors have rightly decided not to charge a woman who fatally shot a man, DaShawn M. Skinner, in her home last May. The decision, which took over six months to finalize, underscores the importance of the right to self-defense, especially in one’s own home.

The woman, whose identity remains undisclosed as she was never charged, called 911 to report the shooting. She then fled to a neighbor’s house, seeking safety. The backstory of the incident is as tragic as it is alarming. After a verbal altercation earlier in the day, Skinner left but returned later and asked to charge his phone. This seemingly innocuous request spiraled into a life-threatening situation when Skinner, who had stepped out again briefly, returned with alcohol and began to instigate another argument.

The woman’s attempt to defuse the situation by retreating to her bedroom was met with aggression. Skinner’s violent behavior escalated as he physically assaulted her, smacking a phone from her hand and choking her. In a desperate bid for survival, the woman, faced with imminent danger, managed to grab her 9mm handgun. Despite her warning for Skinner to release her, he persisted, leaving her with no choice but to shoot in self-defense.

Police investigations corroborated her account. The evidence – including the gun, ammunition, a spent shell casing, the bullet lodged in the doorframe, and the woman’s cellphone – aligned with her narrative. Moreover, her willingness to undergo a polygraph test further solidified the credibility of her story.

The unfortunate outcome saw Skinner succumbing to his injuries shortly after being taken to the hospital. Prosecutor Blair N. Stevenson’s decision not to charge the woman was not only judicious but also a reaffirmation of the fundamental right to defend oneself. His decision, based on thorough police investigation and autopsy results, underscores the alignment of the evidence with the woman’s account.

This incident is a stark reminder of the importance of the Second Amendment and of the split-second decisions individuals might be forced to make for their survival. It also illustrates the legal system’s recognition of the right to use lethal force in defense against an imminent threat to one’s life. The woman’s actions, though tragic, were justified under the circumstances, and the prosecutor’s decision rightly reflects this. The right to self-defense is a cornerstone of our liberties, and this case reaffirms that principle in the face of dire circumstances.

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