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John Podesta Played a Role in Halting LNG Exports, Which May Benefit His Lobbyist Brother

John Podesta's role in halting U.S. LNG exports benefits his brother Tony, a lobbyist for foreign LNG firms, sparking debate over policy motives.

In a move that raises eyebrows and ethical concerns, the Biden administration’s climate envoy John Podesta, who was instrumental in pausing U.S. liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports, might have positioned his brother, Tony Podesta, to benefit significantly from this policy shift. Tony, a lobbyist with deep ties to foreign LNG companies, including one founded by Russian energy oligarchs, finds himself in a potentially lucrative situation courtesy of his brother’s influence.

John Podesta’s pivotal role in shaping the administration’s LNG policy is not just a political maneuver to appease green energy activists within the Democratic Party. It’s also a potential windfall for his brother Tony, whose clientele has included foreign entities deeply embedded in the LNG industry. Over the years, Tony Podesta has represented companies like Golden Pass, co-owned by state-run QatarEnergy, and Protos Energy, with interests deeply intertwined with the LNG sector.

Since 2022, Tony’s firm has banked over $1 million from Gemcorp, an investment fund with Russian connections that faced exclusion from a Bulgarian LNG project due to its ties to Russia. This intersection of lobbying and policy-making reeks of conflict of interest, especially considering the potential geopolitical ramifications of these policies.

The recent policy change ostensibly aims to reduce carbon emissions. However, it inadvertently positions the United States at a disadvantage on the global energy stage, favoring foreign competitors such as Qatar and Russia, two of America’s main competitors in the global LNG market. The administration’s decision to halt LNG exports not only undermines U.S. energy independence but also enriches these foreign entities, potentially at the expense of American economic interests and energy workers.

Tony Podesta’s involvement with Gemcorp, an entity with roots deep in the Russian energy sector, underscores the complex web of interests that could influence U.S. energy policy. Gemcorp’s founder, associated with Russian oligarchs and state-owned banks, has invested in Russia’s LNG industry, highlighting the intricate ties between Podesta’s lobbying efforts and the beneficiaries of U.S. policy shifts.

As the U.S. faces challenges on multiple fronts, including energy security and free speech, the actions of the Podesta brothers serve as a cautionary tale. The intertwining of personal gain with public policy, especially when it involves foreign entities with questionable allegiances, poses a significant threat to American interests. It’s a scenario that demands scrutiny and accountability, lest the nation’s policies be dictated by those with the most to gain personally, rather than what’s best for the country.

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