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January 6th Videos Show that Capitol Police Lied at Oath Keepers Trial

Emerging footage contradicts Capitol Police testimony in the Oath Keepers trial, raising serious questions about the integrity of the justice system.

The recent emergence of new video footage from the January 6, 2021, U.S. Capitol riot has cast serious doubts on the truthfulness of the testimony provided by Capitol Police Special Agent David Lazarus in the prosecution of members of the Oath Keepers organization. This development not only raises questions about the integrity of the legal proceedings but also underscores concerns regarding the manipulation of narratives and evidence in politically-charged cases.

The footage, released by The Blaze, starkly contradicts Lazarus’s sworn testimony regarding his whereabouts during a critical period of the riot. It reveals that Lazarus was not present at the location where he claimed to have witnessed interactions between the Oath Keepers and Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn. This discrepancy is not trivial; it directly challenges the credibility of Lazarus as a key witness for the federal prosecutors and raises the specter of perjury.

The shifting narrative of Officer Dunn also adds to the growing skepticism. Initially, Dunn indicated that members of the Oath Keepers had acted to de-escalate the situation, standing between himself and the rioters. However, his later account, which contradicted this initial statement, portrayed the Oath Keepers as aggressors. Video shows that Dunn’s original testimony was accurate. Dunn’s changing story, coupled with the video evidence showing Dunn’s own erratic behavior, casts doubt on the reliability of his testimony.

The implications of these revelations are profound. They suggest a potential cover-up at higher levels within the federal government, as indicated by Steve Baker of The Blaze. The possibility that Lazarus and Dunn were influenced or pressured by the Justice Department to alter their accounts is deeply troubling. It points to a manipulation of the justice system for political ends, undermining public trust in law enforcement and the legal process.

Moreover, the withholding of crucial video evidence during the Oath Keeper trial is a grave miscarriage of justice. The defense’s inability to access this evidence potentially deprived the defendants of a fair trial. The calls for a retrial, in this case, are not only justified but necessary to uphold the principles of justice and due process.

In conclusion, the new video evidence and the resulting questions about the testimonies of key witnesses in the Oath Keeper trial represent a significant challenge to the integrity of the judicial process. It underscores the need for transparency, impartiality, and accountability in legal proceedings, especially in cases with significant political implications. As conservatives, we must advocate for a judicial system that remains free from political influence and that upholds the highest standards of truth and fairness. The case of the Oath Keepers, as illuminated by this new evidence, serves as a reminder of the dangers of politicizing justice and the importance of ensuring that every individual receives a fair and impartial trial. It’s imperative that we demand a thorough re-examination of the case in light of these revelations, ensuring that justice is served based on facts and evidence, not manipulated narratives or political agendas.

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