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James Biden’s Key Role in Biden Family Corruption Scandal

James Biden's role in the Biden access-for-hire scandal highlights the family's deep involvement, with implications for Joe Biden's presidency.

While the liberal media tries to downplay the Biden family’s corruption scandals, James Biden’s involvement reveals this was a family affair. Meanwhile, the evidence of Joe’s participation in access-for-sale schemes continues to emerge.

Chinese energy company CEFC paid millions to the Biden family, funneled through various accounts. James Biden received substantial sums, including $360,000 from CEFC in one exchange. He also benefited through his consulting firm, Lion Hall Group. These financial transactions alone raise serious questions about James Biden’s role in the access-for-hire operation.

Evidence of James Biden’s involvement goes beyond financial transactions. Documents show numerous WhatsApp communications involving James, Hunter, and associates. These messages reveal meetings, luncheons, and interactions related to the access-for-hire scheme.

In addition to the WhatsApp messages, a May 2017 email mentioned a “provisional agreement” with a provision of “10 held by H for the big guy” — identified as Joe Biden. Another 10% was designated for “Jim,” likely referring to James Biden. In February 2018, James expressed panic over missing funds and questioned Hunter about payments. He later discussed being drawn into the situation to protect their father, Joe Biden. This evidence points to a coordinated effort within the Biden family to capitalize on Joe Biden’s political position for personal gain.

Unlike what the media would like for you to think, the Biden family’s corruption scandals are not limited to Hunter; James Biden’s involvement shows it was a family affair. The media’s insistence on focusing solely on Hunter Biden’s struggles and portraying him as a victim distracts from the larger issue at hand: the Biden family’s unethical and potentially illegal activities. It is increasingly clear that Joe Biden was not merely a bystander but a central figure in this access-for-sale scheme.

As investigations continue and more evidence surfaces, it is imperative that the Biden family be held accountable for their actions. The American people deserve transparency and integrity from their leaders, and it is essential that those involved in corruption face the consequences of their actions.

The Biden family’s corruption scandals are a stain on the presidency and raise serious concerns about ethics and accountability in the highest levels of government. James Biden’s role in these schemes underscores the need for a thorough and impartial investigation into the entire Biden family’s activities.

In conclusion, James Biden’s involvement in the access-for-hire operation demonstrates that this scandal was a family affair, with Joe Biden at the center. It is crucial that these corruption scandals be fully investigated and that those responsible be held accountable for their actions.

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