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IRS Investigated Hunter Biden for College Fund Raid and Tax Evasion

Hunter Biden faced IRS scrutiny over misuse of daughter's college fund and tax evasion

In yet another alarming revelation, the IRS has unearthed evidence of potential felony tax evasion by Hunter Biden, the first son of President Joe Biden. This time, the allegations center on his audacious raiding of his own daughter’s college fund to the tune of nearly $40,000. Not only did Hunter siphon this substantial sum from his high school-aged daughter Maisy’s 529 college savings plan, but he also failed to report it as additional income on his 2019 tax returns. What makes this situation even more egregious is that Hunter reportedly squandered a significant portion of these funds on crack cocaine and prostitutes.

This scandalous behavior was recently disclosed by IRS Special Agent Joseph Ziegler during his testimony before the House Ways and Means Committee. According to Ziegler, Hunter Biden’s actions constituted a clear violation of tax laws, as he brazenly dipped into his daughter’s educational fund and used the ill-gotten gains for destructive personal indulgences. It’s worth noting that these revelations emerged following Hunter’s own admission in his 2021 memoir, “Beautiful Things,” in which he confessed to being holed up in a hotel to smoke crack shortly before this financial escapade.

However, what raises eyebrows even further is the leniency displayed by federal prosecutors in addressing these transgressions. While the IRS recommended felony tax charges for the unreported income totaling $52,611, the Justice Department surprisingly pursued a mere misdemeanor tax count, which carried significantly lesser penalties.

This case, unfortunately, sheds light on a broader pattern of questionable financial dealings by Hunter Biden. The IRS investigators discovered that he had evaded over $2.2 million in tax payments on earnings exceeding $8.3 million, primarily derived from dubious deals in Ukraine, Russia, and China. These revelations raise serious questions about Hunter’s ethical and legal compass, especially given his prominent status as the son of the President of the United States.

Furthermore, it’s disturbing to learn that the Justice Department allegedly “slow-walked” the probe into Hunter Biden’s financial misdeeds, obstructing investigators from pursuing leads that could have potentially implicated his father, President Biden.

In summary, the IRS’s consideration and subsequent rejection of felony tax charges against Hunter Biden for raiding his daughter’s college fund and his subsequent evasion of taxes is a troubling indication of the lack of accountability for the Biden family. This revelation underscores the urgent need for transparency and fairness in our justice system, as well as a reevaluation of the ethical standards upheld by those in positions of power and privilege.

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