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Hunter Biden’s Attorney Urges House Speaker to Curb Congressional Investigations

In a letter, Hunter Biden's lawyer appeals to Speaker Johnson to rein in investigations, decrying the ongoing spectacle on Capitol Hill.

Hunter Biden’s lawyer, Abbe Lowell, recently addressed a letter to House Speaker Mike Johnson, urging him to exercise responsible leadership and rein in congressional investigations targeting the Biden family. The 12-page letter emphasized the need to rethink the ongoing “spectacle” on Capitol Hill, particularly in light of Johnson’s commitment to pursuing the truth.

Lowell challenged Johnson to consider his statements, including the promise that House Republicans would follow the truth wherever it leads. He accused GOP investigators of spreading falsehoods about Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings and criticized the impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. The letter expressed dissatisfaction with House Oversight Chairman James Comer’s announcement of additional subpoenas, implying a continuation of partisan political games.

Notably, Hunter Biden and President Biden’s brother, James Biden, were subpoenaed by House Republicans, adding to the scrutiny of the Biden family. The impeachment inquiry is not only examining the president’s conduct but also focusing on his family members, with a criminal investigation into Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings.

Lowell encouraged Speaker Johnson to redefine his role and restore the integrity of the House by holding top impeachment investigators accountable. He argued that intervention was necessary to stop the investigators from playing political games and urged Johnson to address the recent developments.

In response, Comer conveyed to conservative commentator Benny Johnson that the impeachment inquiry had entered its “downhill phase” and expressed the intention to conclude it promptly. GOP investigators have shown a keen interest in scrutinizing suspicious money transfers involving millions of dollars through intricate networks of businesses and bank accounts related to Hunter Biden’s foreign dealings. Despite these concerns, Biden and his allies maintain that there is no evidence of wrongdoing.

Speaker Johnson, who assumed the role recently following the removal of Rep. Kevin McCarthy, stated that he would not predetermine the outcome but emphasized the importance of the impeachment inquiry phase in ensuring due process. He acknowledged that a decision point was approaching and underscored the significance of the ongoing investigations.

In summary, Hunter Biden’s lawyer’s letter to Speaker Johnson highlights the Biden family’s concerns about the impeachment inquiry and related investigations. The letter calls for responsible leadership and intervention to curb what is perceived as a politically-motivated process. The situation underscores the ongoing tension between the Biden family and Republican lawmakers over allegations of impropriety and calls for a fair and objective assessment of the facts.

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