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Human Trafficking Bust in Oklahoma: Pink House Hid Dark Secrets

An anonymous tip led to the discovery of a human trafficking operation in Oklahoma City.

An anonymous tip about a seemingly innocuous pink one-story house in northwest Oklahoma City sparked a year-long investigation into a human trafficking operation. The tip, received through the state’s human trafficking hotline, reported suspicious activities at the house, including numerous vehicles with out-of-state license plates frequently stopping there.

The Oklahoma State Narcotics Bureau alleges that the pink house served as a brothel for managers and administrators working at medical marijuana farms across the state. During a four-month period from October to February, twelve women were trafficked at the house. Police in New York City recently arrested Feng Jiang, believed to be the ringleader of this operation, which involved flying women in to serve as prostitutes.

The arrest of Jiang comes after the Oklahoma multicounty grand jury returned an indictment in September, charging him with human trafficking. The indictment was made public just this week. Assisting the state grand jury are attorneys from the office of Attorney General Gentner Drummond, who have made the eradication of illegal marijuana grows and the associated criminal enterprises a top priority.

Additionally, the grand jury also returned a second indictment against Jian Lin in September. Lin stands accused of facilitating the operation by transporting women from the Oklahoma City airport to the brothel, procuring groceries, and providing condoms. As of the latest reports, Lin, aged 31, is still at large.

Donnie Anderson, the director of the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control, emphasized the severity of human trafficking, stating that it preys on the vulnerable. The indictment of Jiang and Lin underscores the authorities’ commitment to tackling this heinous crime.

The investigation began after the anonymous tip came in. Narcotics agents conducted extensive surveillance of the pink house, installing a pole camera and retrieving trash from the premises. During this period, one agent estimated that well over 100 vehicles or individuals had visited the address, with most staying for less than an hour. The trash pulls yielded more evidence, as dozens of used condoms were discovered, pointing to the extent of the illicit activities taking place.

To put an end to this operation, agents conducted a raid on the brothel, as well as Lin’s apartment and other associated locations on February 23. At that time, Lin was arrested on a drug complaint but was subsequently released after posting a $10,000 bond. The agents reported finding the drug ketamine in Lin’s apartment, along with a substantial amount of cash – $44,342 in his bedroom and $5,197 in his vehicle.

While Lin faced arrest in February, Feng Jiang managed to evade capture. The narcotics bureau alleges that Jiang has continued to traffic women in Oklahoma, all while residing in New York, as recently as this month.

This revelation not only exposes the dark underbelly of human trafficking but also serves as a stark reminder of the criminal activities that have infiltrated communities through illicit marijuana operations, some of which are linked to organized crime, including Mexican drug cartels and Chinese crime syndicates.

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