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How James Biden Capitalized on Family Ties

A closer look at how James Biden capitalized on family connections in financial dealings, and potential influence peddling.

Joe Biden’s brother, James “Jim” Biden, seems to have mastered the art of leveraging his family connections for personal gain. This revelation comes from the recently published New York Times bestselling book, “Breaking Biden.”

James Biden, often referred to as “Jim,” has worn multiple hats throughout his life, but one common thread runs through them all – his close ties to his brother Joe Biden. The book uncovers numerous instances of how Jim has benefited from his proximity to political power.

One such example is Jim’s involvement with Americore Health, a company that operated hospitals in several states. Despite his lack of experience in the healthcare industry, Jim positioned himself as Joe Biden’s chief fundraiser, promising to open doors and raise funds from companies worldwide. Promised investments failed to materialize, and in December 2019, Americore declared bankruptcy, with the FBI later raiding one of its offices in Pennsylvania as part of a white-collar crime investigation.

It was also revealed that in 2018, James Biden sent a $200,000 payment to now-President Joe Biden, the same day he received a $200,000 wire transfer from Americore. The timing and nature of these transactions raise significant questions.

This story takes a more troubling turn with the revelation that the funds Jim received from Americore may have been illicit. The $200,000 payment sent to Joe Biden from Jim was labeled as a “loan repayment,” raising further concerns about the financial entanglements within the Biden family.

Despite Joe Biden’s repeated claims that his personal finances and family’s businesses are separate, these revelations suggest otherwise. The House Oversight Committee needs to investigate Jim’s role at Americore and the nature of these financial transfers to provide clarity on these matters.

Jim’s questionable financial dealings are not limited to Americore. He was appointed as an executive vice president of HillStone International, a construction company, despite his lack of experience in the industry. This move happened shortly after a meeting between a Biden family friend and the Office of the Vice President. HillStone, where Jim was employed, was involved in massive contracts, including a project in war-torn Iraq and a $22 million State Department contract. This again raises questions about the influence of the Biden name in business dealings.

Furthermore, it was reported that James Biden was hired to “negotiate with Saudis over a secret $140 million deal” due to his relationship with Vice President Joe Biden. Jim’s wife, Sara, stated that Joe and his brother “told each other everything,” indicating a level of coordination and influence peddling that is, regrettably, within the bounds of legality.

The Bidens have seemingly mastered the art of influence peddling, using their name and political connections to secure business deals and financial advantages. Despite Joe Biden’s claim that he wasn’t directly involved in every deal, his presence was enough to make them happen.

The Biden family’s financial dealings are shrouded in complexity and controversy, leaving many questions unanswered. To ensure transparency and accountability, thorough investigations are required to shed light on the extent of their influence peddling. It’s a disconcerting reminder of the potential pitfalls of political power and family ties.

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