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House Report Exposes Censorship of Trump, High-Profile Conservatives During 2020 Election

A House report uncovers an alarming effort to silence prominent conservatives, including President Trump, during the 2020 election.

In a recent House report presented by US Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio, a startling revelation has come to light. The report, titled “The Weaponization of ‘Disinformation’ Pseudo-Experts and Bureaucrats: How the Federal Government Partnered with Universities to Censor Americans’ Political Speech,” exposes a concerted effort involving the federal government, academic institutions’ purported disinformation “experts,” Big Tech companies, and other parties through the Election Integrity Partnership. Their goal was to monitor and suppress the freedom of speech of American citizens during the pivotal 2020 election.

Jordan’s presentation of the findings of the report, titled “Bombshell Report on the Censorship-Industrial Complex,” shed light on how those who were censored and suppressed were primarily “Americans of all political stripes, but especially conservatives.”

One of the primary targets of this alleged monitoring and censorship campaign was Jack Posobiec, a host and Senior Editor at Human Events. The report identified several other prominent figures who were also targeted, including former Speaker Newt Gingrich, former President Donald Trump, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, Senator Thom Tillis, conservative commentators Candace Owens, Charlie Kirk, Michelle Malkin, and Mollie Hemingway, as well as Representatives Thomas Massie and Marjorie Taylor Greene. An “untold number of everyday Americans of all political affiliations” were also affected.

The report, released on Monday, reveals the intricate workings of the Election Integrity Partnership (EIP), which involved various government agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), and the Global Engagement Center (GEC) within the State Department. These agencies collaborated with academic institutions like Stanford University and other entities.

The primary objective of this partnership was to restrict the freedom of speech of American citizens leading up to the 2020 election. The elite “disinformation” monitors aimed to prevent the dissemination of information they deemed harmful, which included not only false information but also jokes and opinions on social media platforms. The EIP, launched in 2020, attempted to mask its censorship activities to bypass the First Amendment and public scrutiny.

The report explains the workings of this initiative, with “stakeholders” (including the federal government) submitting misinformation reports. The EIP would then analyze the reports, identify similar content across platforms, and submit them to Big Tech companies, often with recommendations on how to censor the content.

Rep. Jim Jordan, who chairs the Weaponization of Government subcommittee, has been investigating the extensive censorship apparatus used by the Biden campaign, the subsequent administration, and progressive groups to silence Americans with dissenting opinions. This censorship has been well-documented by the committee and through evidence in social media platforms like Twitter.

These revelations raise serious concerns about the suppression of freedom of speech during a crucial election year. Conservatives and Americans of all political affiliations need to be vigilant and demand transparency and accountability in the face of such actions that infringe on fundamental constitutional rights.

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