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Hitler Would Be Proud: Anti-Israel College Protests Are Just the Beginning

This week, Robert Chernin’s monologue is “Hitler Would Be Proud,” commentary on the Antisemitic, violent, anti-Israel protests on college campuses and what it means for the future of America and the rest of the world. To think this can be contained to only college campuses is naive. We must be vigilant and aware of the dangerous consequences of complacency in the face of evil.

Brash, irreverent, and mostly peaceful!

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Robert B. Chernin is a New England-based insurance broker and business owner; long-time political donor, and former conservative radio talk show host. Robert is also an active organizer and bundler for the Republican Party.

Ericka L. Redic is a Vermont and Texas-based accountant and business owner; a Republican and Libertarian candidate who strongly advocates from an originalist constitutional position for conservative values focusing on the culture war.

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