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Ex-Mobster Michael Franzese Compares Past to Biden Crime Family

Former Colombo crime family member Michael Franzese compares his past and the Biden crime family's financial activities

Former Colombo crime family capo, Michael Franzese, recently shared his perspective on the Biden family’s financial dealings in an interview with Glenn Beck. Franzese, who left his criminal life after meeting his Christian wife, draws parallels between his past activities and what he perceives the Bidens are involved in.Michael Franzese, once a capo for New York’s Colombo crime family, has turned his life around in a way that seems almost poetic. Leaving behind a life of crime after meeting a Christian woman, he found a new path and has been married to her for 38 years. His transformation is a testament to the power of love and redemption. But what makes Franzese particularly intriguing is his insight into the world of crime, a perspective he shared recently with conservative commentator Glenn Beck.

During his conversation with Beck, Franzese offered a striking perspective on the Bidens. He questioned whether the Bidens could be considered a “crime family” when you follow the money. As someone who understands the intricacies of criminal activities, Franzese’s comments are not to be taken lightly.

Drawing from his own experiences, Franzese explained his criminal past, admitting his involvement in a scheme that defrauded the government out of taxes on gasoline sales. He pointedly compared this to the situation he believes the Bidens are in. Franzese’s comparison sheds light on the alleged financial manipulations that have raised eyebrows about the Biden family’s dealings.

Yet, while Franzese acknowledges similarities between his past actions and what he perceives as the Bidens’ activities, there’s a crucial distinction: the position of power. Franzese stressed that having a president involved in such dealings is, in his view, nothing short of treasonous. This sentiment speaks to the core of conservative concerns about ethics and accountability in political leadership.

Franzese’s background and transformation make his perspective all the more compelling. It’s a reminder that personal growth and redemption are possible, but it’s also a stark warning about the implications of alleged wrongdoing at the highest levels of government. Conservatives are grappling with a critical question: if the Bidens’ financial activities are proven to be true, could they be considered a betrayal of the public trust?

In a time when political polarization is at its peak, Franzese’s unique viewpoint offers conservatives another angle to consider. His words force us to reckon with the potential consequences of unchecked power and the importance of transparency in our leaders. While Franzese’s past may have been steeped in crime, his present stands as a reminder that even those with dark histories can bring a perspective that sheds light on complex issues at hand.

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