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Escaping Nazi Hungary and Antisemitism with Special Guest Robert J. Wolf, M.D.

This week, Robert and Ericka are joined by special guest Robert J. Wolf, M.D. Dr. Wolf is the author of the true and harrowing book, Not A Real Enemy: The True Story of a Hungarian Jewish Man’s Fight for Freedom. Not A Real Enemy is the story of his father’s escape from Nazi Hungary. Robert and Ericka also discuss Biden’s infamous performance in last week’s debate, Supreme Court decisions, and more.

Brash, irreverent, and mostly peaceful!

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Robert J. Wolf, M.D., is a neuroradiologist who attended the University of Michigan Medical School and completed his training at Brown and Yale Universities. He grew up in a suburb of Detroit as the only child of Ervin and Judit Wolf. Their stories of their escape from communist Hungary, and his father’s tragic history of escaping the Nazis twice but losing his own parents, inspired Robert to document his parents’ tales and share those stories with Jewish groups, history aficionados, and biography lovers throughout the United States, Europe, and elsewhere. In Not a Real Enemy Robert shares his family saga—and the forgotten history of the nearly half million Hungarian Jews who were deported and killed during the Holocaust—through an epic and inspiring tale of daring escapes, terrifying oppression, tragedy, and triumph.

Robert B. Chernin is a New England-based insurance broker and business owner; long-time political donor, and former conservative radio talk show host. Robert is also an active organizer and bundler for the Republican Party.

Ericka L. Redic is a Vermont and Texas-based accountant and business owner; a Republican and Libertarian candidate who strongly advocates from an originalist constitutional position for conservative values focusing on the culture war.

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