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Don’t Miss Today’s Podcast with D.C.’s Political Chess Master: Jeff Berkowitz, at 12:45pm EDT

Join Robert Chernin and Ericka Redic of @GenerallyIrritable this week for “Navigating The Swamp with D.C.’s Political Chess Master: Jeff Berkowitz.” Jeff is the Founder & CEO of Delve, D.C.’s leading competitive intelligence and risk advisory firm.

In this episode, Robert, Ericka, and Jeff cover a plethora of topics including the circumstances of the 2024 election, Israel and the rise in anti-semitism, and what October Surprise awaits us (it may not be what you think). Also, don’t forget to stick around for After Hours. Learn about how The American Society of Magical Negroes, Hollywood’s latest woke movie, is furthering the racial divide.

Brash, Irreverent, and MOSTLY Peaceful!

To watch the show, click below.

American Coalition

American Coalition

The American Coalition operates as a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization, as amended, created by Americans who have tired of the ever-growing assault on the foundation of our entire way of life.