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Democrat Lawmaker Wants to Make Maine a Sanctuary for Transgender Kids

Laurie Osher has introduced LD1735, a bill that could allow minors to seek sex changes and challenge parental rights in the state.

A Maine legislator, Rep. Laurie Osher (D), has introduced an Act to Safeguard Gender-affirming Health Care that could dramatically alter the landscape of parental rights and child welfare in the state. This legislation, LD1735, which has several co-sponsors, would allow minors from outside Maine to receive sex-change treatments within the state, potentially even granting the state custody over these children.

The bill’s proponents frame it as a progressive step towards supporting gender diversity and healthcare rights. However, it raises profound concerns about the long-term implications of sex-change procedures on children, many of whom may not fully comprehend the irreversible nature of these treatments. The bill essentially positions Maine as a sanctuary for minors seeking sex-change operations, even against the wishes of their parents or guardians from other states.

Critics, led by groups like Courage is a Habit, argue that LD1735 could lead to the erosion of parental rights and place vulnerable children at risk. They stress the lack of comprehensive long-term studies on the effects of sex-change surgeries and hormone treatments, pointing out the potential for irreversible physical and psychological harm. The group has been rallying both Maine residents and others nationwide to voice their opposition to the bill, highlighting the broader implications for parental rights across the country.

LD1735’s language explicitly prohibits enforcement of out-of-state orders that might prevent children from receiving hormone treatment or sex-change surgeries in Maine. It also updates rules concerning child abandonment and emergency situations, giving the state temporary emergency jurisdiction in cases where a child is denied such care by a parent or guardian. Moreover, the bill prevents courts from considering cases to be filed in the wrong court “if the law or policy of another state that may take jurisdiction limits the ability of a parent to obtain gender-affirming health care or gender-affirming mental health care for a child and the provision of that care is at issue in the case before the court.”

The bill mirrors similar laws passed in states like California, New Jersey, and Oregon, further fueling the debate over state rights versus parental rights. Critics, including Alvin Lui, president of Courage is a Habit, warn that such legislation not only infringes on parental rights but also opens doors to potential trafficking and abuse. Lui argues that these measures could lead to children being removed from their homes in Maine, citing examples from other states where similar laws have been enacted.

In summary, LD1735 represents a pivotal moment for Maine and potentially sets a precedent for other states. It brings to the forefront critical questions about the rights of minors to make life-altering decisions, the role of states in overriding parental authority, and the long-term implications of sex-change treatments on children. Maine must reject this bill and any similar legislation.

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