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Cook County Sheriff’s Office Battles Human Trafficking

Sheriff Dart discusses the ongoing fight against human trafficking and the need for federal assistance.

In Cook County, Illinois, human trafficking continues to plague the community, and recent statistics reveal the alarming scale of the issue. During just a two-week period this month, the Cook County Sheriff’s Office reported charging 10 individuals in connection with human trafficking-related offenses. These charges span a range of heinous crimes, including involuntary servitude, trafficking, promoting prostitution, possession of child pornography, and dissemination of child pornography.

Among those charged are Christian Hurtado, 28, and Daniel Hurtado, 26, both from Elgin; Carlos Cooks, 53, from Elk Grove Village; Jaime Olvera-Lopez, 52; Angel Ojeda, 26, of Chicago; Martha Hurtado-Hernandez, 57, from Chicago; Rigoberto Parra, 46, of Aurora; Leticia Pena, 57; Erick Johnson, 24, of Chicago; and Marcus Brewer, 36, of Chicago. Moreover, several individuals, including the Hurtados, Hurtado-Hernandez, and Parra, are accused of operating brothels in Kane County.

The accusations also extend to siblings Jaime Olvera-Lopez and Leticia Pena, who are alleged to have forced a victim to work long hours for minimal pay at a restaurant they owned.

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart, who has been at the forefront of the fight against human trafficking, emphasizes the severity of the problem. “I can’t emphasize enough to you. There is literally no end to the number of victims we come across. So we’re just overwhelmed,” Dart stated.

The sheriff offered insight into the daunting challenges faced by law enforcement agencies not only in the Chicago area but across the United States. He noted that while a flurry of arrests makes headlines, it merely scratches the surface of a much larger problem.

Dart clarified that the number of arrests is constrained by the available personnel, stating, “Just to put it into some type of perspective here, the only reason those are the numbers is because that’s how much personnel I have to put into this. If I had more, I’d be making thousands more, thousands more.”

In their ongoing efforts to combat human trafficking, Cook County sheriff’s deputies provided an inside look at the undercover process used to apprehend traffickers. They pointed out the hundreds of ads, frequently updated on sites like ListCrawler and MegaPersonals, that traffickers utilize to exploit victims and generate quick profits. These websites host a disturbing array of illegal activities, from trafficking and prostitution to child pornography.

Sheriff Dart argued that any significant crackdown on these sites must come at the federal level to ensure accountability. “Clearly there is no conceivable way we’re going to arrest our way out of this problem; it’s not going to happen,” Dart stated.

Dart also urged parents to be vigilant about monitoring their children’s online activities. He emphasized that victims of human trafficking come from all walks of life, and the trafficking process often begins innocently.

The Cook County Sheriff’s Office intends to reach out to some of these websites to explore potential collaboration to combat trafficking-related crimes. However, without federal assistance, the willingness of these websites to cooperate remains uncertain. The fight against human trafficking continues, but it requires a multi-pronged approach, involving law enforcement, public awareness, and cooperation from various stakeholders to make a meaningful impact.

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