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College Courses Are Using a Book That Advocates for Blowing Up Pipelines

Alarmingly, universities are promoting eco-terrorism by including 'How to Blow Up A Pipeline' in their curricula despite the danger it poses to society.

In a concerning development, at least sixteen universities have been promoting the book “How to Blow Up A Pipeline,” which outlines for readers how to commit eco-terrorism. Written by Swedish professor Andreas Malm, the book advocates for terrorism and overthrowing capitalism, acknowledging that people will be killed as a result. The book’s influence on college campuses raises serious questions about the responsibility of educational institutions in shaping the minds of young adults.

“How to Blow Up A Pipeline” has been incorporated into various courses, often as required reading, at state-funded universities across the country. These courses, which were initially focused on unrelated topics, have been contorted into platforms for promoting eco-terrorism and anti-capitalism ideologies. For example, at the University of California-Berkeley, a class on biology was transformed into one on “decolonization,” with the book being a central part of the curriculum. The inclusion of “How to Blow Up A Pipeline” in college courses suggests that universities’ support for terrorism extends beyond the support for Hamas on many campuses.

Andreas Malm’s book openly encourages pipeline sabotage and property destruction, with the author even admitting that he would “gladly participate” in blowing up a pipeline if given the opportunity. Furthermore, the author admits to having engaged in “militant climate activism.”

Professors at various universities have played a significant role in promoting “How to Blow Up A Pipeline” and its dangerous ideologies. For instance, at Arizona State University, Professor Mina Suk’s “Are Humans Special? Environmental Theory” course required students to read the book. At City University of New York, Professor Joseph Mohorcich required students to read the book as part of a course that argued for radical action to prevent “a terrible death” for everyone. At the University of California, San Diego, Professor Brad Werner’s “Intersectional Struggles for Environmental Justice” course focused on “Colonial, capitalist and imperialist exploitation of and damage to the environment” and included the book in its syllabus.

At the University of Washington, Professor Jamie Mayerfeld’s “Special Topics in Rights” course asked whether capitalism helps or hinders responsible climate policy and included “How to Blow Up a Pipeline” as one of only four required books. At Illinois State University, English professor Christopher Breu required students to read the book alongside a book on Marxism by Friedrich Engels.

The promotion of “How to Blow Up A Pipeline” on college campuses is a dangerous development that should not be ignored. Educational institutions must take responsibility for the ideas they promote and ensure that they are fostering critical thinking and responsible action, rather than encouraging eco-terrorism and destruction. If colleges refuse to stop promoting terrorism, they should be defunded and lose their tax-exempt status.

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