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China-Backed Group Fuels Anti-Israel Protests in the US

People's Forum, an organization tied to China, stirs controversy as it actively supports pro-Palestine events, sparking national security concerns."

A New York-based organization, The People’s Forum, has come under scrutiny for its involvement in organizing pro-Palestine protests in the United States. The organization, which identifies as a “movement incubator for working-class and marginalized communities,” has been accused of pushing pro-China narratives and collaborating with dark money groups sympathetic to Hamas, the Palestinian terror group.

The People’s Forum helped organize the “Shut it down for Palestine” event in Manhattan, and participated in a pro-Palestinian march in Washington, D.C. The organization’s engagement in the pro-Palestine movement has raised concerns about potential national security implications, with experts pointing to its connections with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The New York charity has been associated with China’s Dongsheng News, a platform seemingly aimed at countering U.S. criticism of China. The People’s Forum, granted tax-exempt status in 2017, claims to bring socialist ideas to new generations while hosting events supporting China’s “revolutionary struggle.”

Critics argue that the People’s Forum’s alignment with pro-Palestine movements is indicative of China-allied organizations sowing discord in the U.S. While China, Russia, and Iran leverage social media for disinformation campaigns, organizations like The People’s Forum are accused of contributing to the polarization by supporting causes sympathetic to Hamas.

The organization’s involvement in the pro-Palestine movement also raises questions about the CCP’s influence on the Israel-Palestine issue. National security concerns have been voiced, with calls for an investigation into the People’s Forum and similar organizations to determine the extent of funding and coordination received from America’s adversaries.

Members of Congress, including House Republican Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik, have called for immediate investigations into organizations like The People’s Forum. There is a growing focus on whether these groups are compliant with the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), which requires disclosure if acting on behalf of overseas interests, including governments or political parties.

The People’s Forum’s connections with Neville Roy Singham, a socialist businessman with reported ties to a CCP propaganda operation, have also come under scrutiny. Singham has allegedly funded the New York charity, raising concerns about the organization’s financial backing.

In addition to the People’s Forum’s pro-Palestine activities, its participation in events downplaying China’s treatment of Uyghurs and collaborating with Code Pink, an antiwar group justifying CCP’s actions, has added to suspicions about its affiliations. The New York charity is seen as part of a broader effort to promote CCP narratives and influence U.S. domestic issues.

The People’s Forum’s engagement in pro-Palestine rallies coincides with heightened tensions in the Middle East, particularly following the Hamas attacks against Israel. Critics argue that organizations with ties to the CCP are leveraging these situations to further their agenda, contributing to anti-Israel sentiments and possibly influencing public opinion.

As investigations are called for, the debate intensifies over the influence of China-linked groups in shaping narratives and organizing protests in the United States. The concern is not only about the People’s Forum but about the broader implications of foreign influence on domestic issues and the potential consequences for national security and international relations.

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