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Child’s Lemonade Stand Raises Over $14K for Pro-Life Pregnancy Center

Ainsley's annual lemonade stand achieves record fundraising success for Wise Choices Pregnancy Center in Decatur, Texas.

A young girl named Ainsley is making a big impact with her entrepreneurial spirit and philanthropic efforts. Ainsley, along with her supportive family, has been running a lemonade stand annually to raise funds for Wise Choices Pregnancy Center in Decatur, Texas.

The journey began when Ainsley’s parents, Berry and Lee White, got involved with Wise Choices, a pregnancy help medical facility providing essential services such as pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, parenting classes, and post-abortion healing programs. Impressed by the center’s work, the Whites decided to support it, with Berry serving on the Board of Directors and Lee volunteering.

Ainsley, just five years old at the time, expressed her desire to contribute to the cause. She came up with the idea of a lemonade stand, showcasing her initiative and compassion for women and babies in need. The family decided to set up the stand during the local Fourth of July festival, a bustling event featuring a golf tournament, parade, and fireworks show.

With fresh homemade lemonade in hand, Ainsley, accompanied by her mom and dad, went door-to-door to local shops, seeking support for their fundraising venture. The lemonade stand, strategically located at the festival, drew attention to Wise Choices’ mission, and Ainsley’s dedication paid off. In scorching 100-degree heat, she tirelessly poured lemonade from morning to 11 p.m.

The community responded generously, and Ainsley’s lemonade stand raised $1,310 in its inaugural year. The proceeds were presented to Wise Choices, where the money was used to enhance the baby boutique, now named “Ainsley’s Place.” The boutique has since served many mothers and babies, becoming a testament to Ainsley’s impactful initiative.

Ainsley’s commitment didn’t stop there. In subsequent years, she continued her lemonade stand tradition, contributing even more to Wise Choices. Her enthusiasm and selfless efforts have turned the lemonade stand into a local phenomenon, with people eagerly lining up to support the cause.

The family has witnessed the stand’s growth, both in terms of funds raised and community awareness. Ainsley’s lemonade sales have steadily increased each year. After raising $1,310 in 2019, she raised nearly $1,800 in 2020. In 2021, she raised over $3,100; the following year, she raised over $3,600; and this year, she raised over $4,300. Altogether, she has raised over $14,000 for the pregnancy center.

Ainsley’s remarkable efforts have not only provided crucial financial support to Wise Choices but has also served as free advertising, reaching community members previously unaware of the center’s existence.

As Ainsley’s lemonade stand gains popularity, it stands as a testament to the impact even the youngest members of a community can make when driven by compassion and a sense of responsibility. Ainsley’s dedication to helping mothers and babies has not only touched hearts but has also become a cherished annual tradition in Decatur, Texas.

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