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Children’s Book Author Says “Parental Rights Really Anger Me”

Children's book author Alex Gino speaks out against parental rights movement's objections to LGBTQ+ content in books for minors.

Alex Gino, a self-identified non-binary author, recently expressed frustration with the parental rights movement in a Yahoo News interview. Gino is known for the children’s book “Melissa” (formerly titled “George”), which deals with themes of gender identity and acceptance. Gino’s book has faced challenges from some parents who believe it’s inappropriate for young readers.

In the interview, Gino criticized the parental rights movement, stating, “Parental rights really anger me because what about human rights? People who are under 18 are human. And if you are keeping information about the world from young people, you are leaving them less prepared to learn how to be in the world.”

Gino’s perspective seems to prioritize a liberal worldview over parental concerns. Gino dismissed parental rights as fear, implying that parents are motivated by fear rather than genuine concern for their children’s well-being.

It’s essential to recognize that parental rights are a fundamental aspect of our society, allowing parents to make decisions they believe are in the best interests of their children. Parents often play a crucial role in determining what is age-appropriate for their kids, especially when it comes to complex and sensitive topics like gender identity.

Gino’s assertion that adults are not great at knowing what’s in the world, while children are, is just absurd and insulting. Parents have the responsibility to guide their children’s development and protect them from age-inappropriate content. They do this out of love and care, not out of a desire to shield their children from reality.

Critics argue that Gino’s book contains explicit content, such as scenes discussing body dysphoria and hormone treatments, which some parents find unsuitable for young readers. The American Library Association reported that “Melissa” was one of the most challenged books in 2022, citing concerns about LGBTQIA+ content and its conflict with some religious viewpoints. Unfazed by parental opposition, Gino views it as a sign to write more stories about queer and trans kids.

In the end, the debate centers on a clash between parental rights and an author’s desire to promote a liberal worldview. Regardless of Gina’s views, children do not need to grapple with adult content. If a children’s book author does not understand or refuses to accept that, then a career change is in order.

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