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California Teachers Union Organizes Antisemitic Indoctrination Event for Students

Oakland teach-in spreads pro-Palestinian propaganda and promotes antisemitic narratives among students.

Members of the Oakland Education Association, a union for teachers in the Oakland Unified School District, conducted a pro-Palestinian “teach-in” that veered into antisemitism, raising concerns about the appropriateness of injecting such views into the classroom. The event targeted students as young as four years old, presenting materials that not only skewed the narrative of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict but also included troubling antisemitic imagery. According to a local newspaper, 100 teachers took part in the event.

One particularly troubling slide featured a Jewish caricature with the arms of an octopus, a classic element of antisemitic propaganda that harks back to Nazi Germany. Such blatant antisemitism has no place in an educational setting, and the fact that it was presented to children is deeply troubling.

The curriculum, posted online, included materials for young children, introducing them to the concept of “intifada,” a form of uprising that has included murdering civilians. A suggested coloring book tells children that “A group of bullies called Zionists wanted our land so they stole it by force and hurt many people,” distorting historical facts and perpetuating harmful stereotypes.

Of course, the teach-in also failed to provide a balanced perspective on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, omitting crucial historical details such as Palestinian terrorism, the rejection of proposed peace deals, and the Palestinian alliance with Nazi Germany. This one-sided approach does a disservice to students, denying them the opportunity to form an understanding of a complex geopolitical issue.

Despite objections from the Jewish community, the Oakland Education Association defended the teachers’ right to freedom of speech within classrooms. However, there is a clear distinction between fostering open discussions and presenting biased, misleading materials that perpetuate antisemitism. Teachers have a responsibility to provide students with accurate information and encourage critical thinking rather than promoting a specific political agenda.

The indoctrination session follows on the heels of the Oakland City Council’s recent meeting at which a resolution was passed calling for a ceasefire in Israel, which is what Hamas and the Palestinians are seeking. At that meeting, an amendment to the resolution was offered that condemned Hamas’s terrorism, but it was defeated. Taken together, these incidents suggest a troubling pattern of anti-Israel narratives gaining traction in the far-left enclave.

The role of educators is to facilitate learning, critical thinking, and open dialogue. Antisemitic materials and biased narratives undermine these principles, fostering an environment where indoctrination takes precedence over education. The Oakland teach-in serves as a stark reminder that educators must prioritize providing students with a comprehensive, unbiased understanding of global issues, ensuring that classrooms remain spaces for learning rather than platforms for political agendas.

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