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Border Patrol Reports Alarming Surge in Illegal Chinese Immigrants

We're seeing more illegal Chinese nationals crossing our border than ever. It's time to take action before it's too late.

The San Diego Border Patrol Sector has witnessed an alarming spike in illegal crossings by Chinese nationals, recording over 200 on each of two separate days this past week. This surge highlights a staggering increase in illegal immigration from China, with encounters soaring by more than 6,300% since 2021. 

We’ve been aware for some time that Chinese nationals are illegally pouring across our borders, but the recent spike in these numbers is downright alarming. Given the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) notorious history of espionage and the fentanyl crisis devastating our communities—a crisis largely fueled by China—this trend poses serious threats. We can’t just stand by; this is a matter of national security.

Instances of Chinese nationals engaging in suspicious activities, such as the recent unauthorized entry into a Marine Corps base in California, underscore the potential dangers of loosely regulated immigration policies. Our national security is hanging by a thread, and yet, our government seems to be turning a blind eye. The numbers don’t lie; they’re staring us in the face, and still, there’s no decisive action. It’s as if inaction has become the unofficial policy, tantamount to rolling out the red carpet for Communist China. What’s it going to take for Washington to wake up? Are we going to wait until it’s far too late? This isn’t just negligence; it’s a direct compromise of our safety and sovereignty.

You Wouldn’t Leave Your Front Door Unlocked, So Why Do We Keep Our Border Open?

The glaring oversight in this unfolding border crisis, aside from the very fact that we’ve allowed illegal crossings in the first place, is our failure to question why we’re suddenly seeing a spike in Chinese migrants. It’s dangerously naive to blanketly assume each of these individuals is merely in pursuit of a better life. While that might be the simple explanation, it’s unrealistic to think it applies across the board. With unchecked immigration, we risk opening our gates to those with potentially harmful motives. We wouldn’t leave our homes unlocked, so why do we treat our national borders with such alarming disregard? It’s high time we secured our front door.

The Biden administration, and any U.S. administration for that matter, must address this issue with the urgency it deserves, considering the geopolitical tensions and the CCP’s aggressive stance. It’s imperative to reassess and fortify our immigration policies to safeguard national security and maintain public safety. Ignoring the implications of these unchecked entries could lead to significant consequences, not just for border security but for the internal stability of the nation as a whole.

As the number of illegal crossings from China hits unprecedented levels, it’s clear that a strategic overhaul of our immigration and border enforcement policies is overdue. The focus must shift back to ensuring our immigration system is secure and effective and does not compromise our national interests or safety.

Robert Chernin

Robert Chernin

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