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Book Author Discusses Biden Family’s Corruption

Revelations expose questionable deals tied to President Biden, raising impeachment calls amid growing evidence.

During a recent appearance on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Breitbart editor-in-chief Alex Marlow, author of Breaking Biden, exposed a series of controversial business dealings tied to President Joe Biden and his family. The revelations left host Maria Bartiromo in stunned disbelief.

Marlow started by raising concerns about the sale of Hunter Biden’s art, emphasizing that one of the buyers is Hunter’s own attorney. This raised ethical questions and set the stage for more significant revelations.

The discussion then shifted to Sinopec, a Chinese company that acquired a portion of America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve released by President Biden in 2022. These reserves, intended for critical situations such as war or natural disasters, raised eyebrows when Sinopec, a Chinese company, gained access. Marlow highlighted the connection through BHR Partners, a company co-founded by Hunter Biden, which had purchased a $1.7 billion stake in Sinopec in 2014.

Bartiromo expressed disbelief at these revelations, particularly the questionable circumstances surrounding the Chinese acquisition of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Marlow replied, “There is no reason for Chinese to get U.S. [strategic] oil aside from to benefit the commercial interest of the Biden family.”

This discussion prompted Bartiromo to question the possibility of impeachment, given the overwhelming evidence of potential wrongdoing. Marlow argued that there is ample evidence, citing Chinese business deals involving Hunter Biden and connections to influential figures like Xi Jinping. He emphasized the need for impeachment, claiming that the executive branch is obstructing transparency by avoiding questions and withholding documentation and records.

Marlow expanded on ties between the Biden family and the Bank of China, highlighting their involvement in Ukraine. He mentioned Jim Biden’s connections, describing him as a former nightclub owner with ties to the spy chief of China and deep connections in Ukraine. Marlow concluded that these instances form a “constellation of corruption” surrounding the Biden family, suggesting a pattern where payments to the Biden family result in favorable outcomes from President Joe Biden.

The conversation underscored the urgent need for investigation and transparency, as Marlow argued that ongoing deals and potential corruption within the Biden family demand swift action. The discussion between Marlow and Bartiromo highlighted the gravity of the allegations and the potential implications for the Biden administration. The revelations shed light on a complex web of financial dealings and raised serious questions about the ethical standards of the Biden family. As calls for accountability grow louder, the Biden administration faces increased scrutiny over its handling of these controversial business ties.

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