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Biden’s 2020 Debate Lies Are Being Exposed

President Biden's statements during the 2020 debates are under scrutiny as revelations about Hunter's business dealings surface.

Recently, several claims made by President Biden during the 2020 presidential debates have come under scrutiny and are being called into question by conservatives as investigations into his son Hunter’s foreign business dealings continue. These claims are causing a political storm, with Republicans alleging that Biden provided false information regarding his son’s financial activities.

One of the claims in question is Biden’s statement during the 2020 debates that, “My son has not made money in terms of this thing you’re talking about, what are you talking about, China.” However, earlier this year, Hunter Biden contradicted his father when he admitted in court to receiving $664,000 from a “Chinese infrastructure investment company.”

Furthermore, new revelations about a trip that Hunter Biden took with his father in December 2013 have added fuel to the controversy. During this Asia trip, which included a visit to China, Hunter introduced his father to his Chinese business partner, Jonathan Li. A recent closed-door interview with another former business partner of Hunter’s, Devon Archer, indicated that President Biden also met with him during this trip. Less than two weeks later, Hunter established a joint-venture called BHR Partners, a private equity firm backed by Beijing and controlled by Bank of China Limited.

In response to these revelations, GOP Representative Pat Fallon of Texas summarized the situation with the phrase, “Lie, deny, counter accuse,” and labeled it as the three principles of the Biden family’s influence peddling scheme.

The House Oversight Committee also released information suggesting that Biden received $40,000 in “laundered China money” from the bank account of his brother and sister-in-law, contradicting another claim made by candidate Biden during the debates. Biden had declared, “I have not taken a penny from any foreign source ever in my life!” House Oversight Chair James Comer argued that even if the check was deemed a loan repayment, it still indicated that Biden benefited from his family’s financial activities with money from China.

While President Biden has maintained that he was never involved in business dealings with his son, text messages obtained by Fox News Digital revealed that he had met with Hunter’s business associates for the Sinohawk venture in May 2017. This meeting took place just days before an email discussing “remuneration packages” for individuals in the business deal with CEFC, in which the “big guy” was a reference to the elder Biden.

The alleged Russian misinformation claim regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop, which was discussed during the debates, has also been scrutinized. President Biden stated, “What he’s accusing me of is a Russian plant,” and referred to the allegations as “a bunch of garbage.” Despite this, the laptop’s legitimacy has been verified by multiple media outlets, challenging the narrative of Russian interference.

These revelations are raising questions about the credibility of the President’s statements during the 2020 debates and have generated significant controversy and debate in the political arena. As investigations into Hunter Biden’s business dealings continue, further revelations may emerge, casting a spotlight on the actions and statements of both President Biden and his son.

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