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Biden Secretly Flew 320,000 Illegal Immigrants into the US

Over 300,000 illegal immigrants were flown to 43 U.S. airports last year, bypassing borders and raising national security concerns.

Elon Musk, the visionary owner of X (formerly Twitter), has cast a spotlight on a deeply troubling aspect of the Biden administration’s immigration policies that many Americans may be unaware of. In an era marked by widespread concern over border security and immigration reform, it has come to light that President Joe Biden’s administration has not only been lax in securing the nation’s borders but has actively facilitated the entry of illegal immigrants into the United States by air. According to reports, an astonishing 320,000 individuals were flown directly into the U.S. from foreign countries last year, bypassing traditional border checkpoints entirely.

This revelation raises significant national security concerns, with Musk rightly cautioning that the lack of proper vetting for these individuals could lead to catastrophic outcomes, potentially surpassing the horrors of 9/11. The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit, uncovered the details of these secretive flights, which transported illegal immigrants from various countries to at least 43 different American airports between January and December 2023.

The Biden administration’s expansion of the CBP One app has facilitated this unprecedented influx. Migrants can now apply for asylum from their home countries and receive direct transportation to the U.S. under a temporary humanitarian release program. This program grants migrants a two-year stay in the U.S. without legal status, during which time they are eligible for work authorization.

The question of legality looms large over this operation. Furthermore, the secrecy surrounding the airports involved and the origins of these migrants only exacerbates concerns about the potential for abuse and the undermining of national security. The government’s refusal to disclose critical details under the guise of avoiding “security vulnerabilities” is a red flag that cannot be ignored.

The countries listed as eligible for the CBP One app include nations like Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Haiti, Guatemala, and Venezuela, among others, raising questions about the criteria for asylum. While some of these countries are undeniably plagued by political turmoil and violence, others seem to be primarily sources of economic migrants, which does not traditionally qualify individuals for asylum under U.S. law.

The Biden administration‘s actions represent a radical departure from established immigration protocols and pose a direct challenge to the sovereignty and security of the United States. The American public deserves transparency and accountability from its leaders, particularly on issues that directly impact national security and the rule of law.

As we inch closer to the November elections, it is imperative that Congress take action to investigate and address the implications of Biden’s immigration policies. The safety and security of the American people must be the paramount concern of any administration, and the current approach to immigration falls woefully short of this standard. It’s time for a thorough reevaluation of these policies and for the American electorate to hold their government accountable for its actions.

Robert Chernin

Robert Chernin

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